Is Joe Kashurba legit?

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I watched a webinar by him today and it seemed ok I still question a few things about him.

I wrote to him the following
It seems that your own facebook only has 497 people on it. Your linkedin says you have been in business for the last 11 years. It seems you have a legit business but I question your exposure and ability to get results. Your SEO on your own site is not 100 percent either, This is where my hesitation to sign up is coming in. Please let me know if you can provide me with something to back up your ability to generate sales, and ability to generate leads into conversions as well.
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      While it is always good to check credentials and ask, a better way would have been to ask is Joe Kashurba a good coach?

      Asking for 3,000 for coaching is a little bit high, but if you have a good reputation I see nothing wrong with it. There is nothing wrong with asking for what you believe yourself to be worth...if you can deliver the goods.

      I have never heard of him but there are good coaches out there...just do a search here for coaching in the niche you are looking for or a google search like review: internet marketing coaches, or review: youtube video coaching, etc... read the reviews, then do research on the backgrounds of the people you are interested in..such as with LinkedIn, Facebook, IMreport card, etc...

      Do your due diligence. Good luck!
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    I too would be interested in some feedback.

    I ran Ahrefs and discovered that he has designed about 75 sites that are still linked back to his site. And they look like legit businesses. Not PBNs or crappy sites.

    I also had an hour-long conversation with them and they seemed to be saying the right things. I'm about to sign up but at $3000 I'm obviously apprehensive.

    Can anyone give some feedback? Thanks!
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    Anyone here knows how legit it is? Cause I have the same interest as well.
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    Joe's sales funnel screens to see if you can afford his starting fee of $4k fee to work with him. If you can't, your "free" strategy session you have booked gets canceled right away. And that's that. He has no products at a lower price range and he doesn't care to. He says he's trying to help the little guy but the little guy can't afford his prices. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCAM ARTIST!!!!!
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