Is anyone using Slick Plan?

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Hi Everyone.

Anyone out there using the program Slick Plan or similar??

I have a project and the client wants to use Slick Plan - I don't mind the functionality of it all it actually seems pretty straight forward to use however I wondered if there are any other website planning programs you might recommend that are good for collaborating client side and also for designers and back end.

In addition, as I am writing content for the site I'll be writing headers, main body of content, meta descriptions and title tags, so any program that allows for adding a wide range of functions or even mirrors the chosen template would be interesting as well.

The idea is for the client, content writer and also the web developer/designer to have a really simple tool, so I'm interested what else is out there as well.

The one thing I have noticed with Slick Plan is that it doesn't note who made the edits or changes - similar to a track change - which would be good to know when the client is making edits. If you know of anything that does this that would be great too.

Looking forward to hearing your suggestions.
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