Mint financial app: can it control unwanted expenditures?

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I think may be I'm a little late to get to know about this app but I just acquainted myself with it around three weeks ago. It asks about your bank account information and gets you started right away. The main reason behind my interest for this app came up because I was throwing way too much money on things that I could easily save up for. For example buying food from campus, coffee/Tea from Timmy's and ubering back and forth from my home to work. This app laid out my expenditures on these miscellaneous sources every week and it surprised me to the core that how much money I was wasting on these things.

Therefore , with that information in hand I brought some changes in the subsequent week and was able to decrease all that expenditure by around 65%. I would count that as a personal achievement and sometimes feel surprised that in the end of the day I needed an app to guide me to bring discipline in my spending habits.

I have yet to explore other features of this app as well but I would rather prefer the word from you guys on this app and the way you use it to keep yourself updated with your finance management. Looking for some interesting insight!!!

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