PLEASE HELP About Ebay Profits Academy

by peterklepec 3 replies
Hello Warriors.

I am looking for reliable and quality ttraining course around selling on eBay, and I found the Bay Profits Academy here, but there are some strange facts and I am kindly asking you to help me around this.

1. First, Its seems so strange to me, that its posted by two different OPs.

First One :

Second One :

So if someone know them, or at least one of them, please let me know.

2. Second strange thing is that all the replies are their own promoting posts, not users replies. Its also strange for me, that there arent reviews from warrior members about that course.

3. I am sending PM to the OP , but I got no reply.

So, please warriors, if somebody know something around that course, please let me know.

Also if someone know for some other, reliable and quality training course for eBay selling, please let me know.

Thanks to all warriors who will help in advance !
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    So, Warriors, does anyone joined this course or know something about it ?

    Or does anyone know for some good, reliable, up to date and quality eBay training course ?

    Thanks in advance for all your help.
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    Use you gut feeling if it looks like a duck you know the rest. Do a lot of research on eBay because you have a lot of good products and a lot of bad ones as well. But look at what you want to sell on eBay then look for advise on selling what YOU WANT AND NOT WHAT OTHERS WANT YOU TO SELL. Robert
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    If you want to do ebay affiliate don't do it they don't pay eough. Choose Amazon.
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