New Rev Share Model that has blown away the Competition

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The Rev Shares Business has been one of my main Income Streams for the past 2 years. Unfortunately when I started out with Rev shares, I will admit that I had my fingers burnt but as I started to network, I was given access to quality information on which Rev Shares to join and which ones to avoid. Now that was things started working out for me.

I'm now into only Rev Shares that ''Compound outside the system''. This means that your earnings from profit share must be withdrawn to a payment processor and then repurchase more ad packs by bringing the majority of the funds back in. The rest of the amount can be withdrawn to your bank. Rev Share Businesses that compound outside get fresh daily funds coming in every single day as members realize that if they buy more ad packs, they will earn more profit share. I stopped joining Rev Shares that compound within the system as no new funds are received and the companies then start doing funny things.

You can achieve consistent residual income with only 2 top Rev Share Companies. These new ones have blown the competition off the radar and they have trusted Admin with a proven track record. There's no need to join more than two.

Please share your experiences with Rev Share Companies.
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    I think My 24 Hour income is an awesome Rev Share company. I am a part of this and it's paying me well.

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      I totally agree that my24hour is delivering great results. I'm already on $50 per day and it's growing with the laws of compounding. It's the best Rev Share out there and there are massive plans to take the business to the next level in 2017.

      Well done for joining such a great business. I'm training my team on all aspects so they succeed.

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      I think My 24 Hour income is an awesome Rev Share company. I am a part of this and it's paying me well.
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    Hey ProServices, do you provide training if I join your Team as I have heard about this new business model. Rev Shares that compound inside the system are not profitable but compounding outside the system means fresh funds are guaranteed every single day which will sustain the business for the long term. Please let me know as I'm interested
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