Worried about distractions? Check out these five apps that can keep you focused!!

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We all procrastinate and we are all guilty as charged in this crime. But whats worse than that is unproductivity. Imagine that you build up the courage to finally sit down and finish of your freelance work or a school assignment and end up watching cat videos . Just think how much time we end up wasting on things that give no value but harm. Once I sat down to write a one page product description which I guess was hardly a one hour job. Guess what? I couldnt finish the job in 10 hours. Why? Because of the stupid distractions. I think these are the perks you get in this era if you work from your laptop and sometimes its very hard to avoid. Well guys in this thread, Ill list some useful apps that you could use to maximize your work productivity.


Well this app gives you an opportunity to track how much time youre spending online and gives you a heads up that its time to change these bad habits. It gives you an access to a mini timer which monitors your work progress very closely. During this set time period it looks out for distractions which you can use to reduce it. In short a very productive app but it doesnt force you to change your tactics but instead provides data to alarm you.

Price: You can use it for a free 30 day trial . After that there is a minor monthly charge of $2.99.


Its an online productivity tool that closely tracks your internet usage. But with cherry on top, after tracking your time spent on different sites it gives you an opportunity to block them as well. You can also set up a limit on the usage of certain sites which you think are responsible for your unproductivity. It alerts you right away if you go above that set limit.

Price: It comes with a free 14 day trial . After that it charges you $9/month.


If youre using Mozrilla firefox then this app is for you. Put it as an extension and you can use it to block up to six sets of sites. It also keeps track of the time you spend on these blocked sites.

Price: Its completely free. All you need is a Mozrilla Firefox browser.


Well its another app out there if youre looking to cut down on the distractions. You can use it to block social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. However, the best part is that its not just limited to these sources only. You can expand your options to other sites as well.
You can also schedule internet free-block times way before you are about to start your work. It has has enormous applications in both business and education sectors.

Price: Free


Its an excellent app for people who like to set up their moods first before starting their work. It comes with more than 3500 sounds to enhance your working experience.

: $2.99. Comes with a free trial on desktop only.

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