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Anyone heard of Rank Cipher?

It's allegedly "better" than GSA Search Ranker when it comes to blackhat seo software. I read some reviews on it and decided to give it a go.

Here's what I've discovered.

It's pretty awesome so far. Private proxies are best but it does have a built in proxy scraper and tester. I've been testing on it for a few days now and it's setup pretty well and sure designed and layed out much better than GSA SER although design is not everything.

It works very similar to GSA but I seem to be having a much higher success rate with Rank Cipher that I get with GSA. I'm not sure why that is yet, I'm testing and will eventually figure it out.

I really like the ability to identify the platforms of the harvested links and also dig the strategy designer. It kind of reminds me of SeNuke. They have a built in template for the strategy designer so you don't even have to use it really, unless you know how and want to do a more custom seo campaign with RankCipher.

I own a lot of seo software and I have to say that so far, Rank Cipher is an amazing tool and can almost be a one stop shop for seo.

I advise anyone that gets Rank Cipher to also get some private proxies, not necessary, but it will work a LOT better if you do. A captcha solving account would be good too.

I will eventually do a tutorial on how to use RankCipher to rank your money sites without building one link to them but that will be a different day.

There is a bit of a learning curve to Rank Cipher, just like any other seo software that's worth a crap.

My original Rank Cipher review was made in haste and I have since been speaking with the developer and he solved my issues quickly and seems very concerned about making the software the best he can make it.

I haven't seen any results yet, as I've only had it a few days and I am using it on a fresh domain, but if you know anything about GSA then you know how Rank Cipher works because it works in a similar fashion. So, the way I see it, if GSA works and RankCipher acts in a similar fashion, then I will assume it will work as well and help me rank a new site.

Based on all of the above and assuming the results were equal in a comparison between GSA SER and Rank Cipher, I would choose Rank Cipher. NO I'm not getting paid. NO I don't persoanlly know the developer. NO I am not posting an affiliate link.

This review is honest and in no way, shape, or form, any type of promotional advertisement for Rank Cipher or the owners. It's because I dabble in seo and I always like to try new software programs and Rank Cipher is a goody. A little pricey in my opinion, but that's only because I'm a cheap *******.
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    Ive been sitting on the fence with this one. Ive been burned over the years with so many software companies that come and go. Within a year of purchasing software, the developers disappear. I could make huge list here.
    Anyway, Im on the Go side of purchasing this to build links to my backlinking tiers for my Filipino staff.
    Would you recommend this 100% now?
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    Is it working for you now? I saw your post on their video. That it was not running...
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  • Yes, it is working. It works well actually.

    I definitely recommend using private proxies though as the public proxies it scrapes get banned immediately or they are no good. Do NOT use it without proxies.
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    its not woking at all, never seems to work wasted 500$ on this :@

    No affiliate links.

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    Less than a year later and I can assure you it is not working now nor does anyone answer the support email. I will not be buying anything off Tom Yesikov ever again that's it I am done with him. He would not even reply to me on facebook. These are the type of unscrupulous Marketers we can do without. Why make a statement that you will reply within 24 hours and in most cases sooner when the truth is they just don't give a sh$t. There are too many Marketers creating products and then swiftly on to the next 7 the next and the next. In my opinion if you build some software you give it full support. I guess I am not getting an answer because it's past it's sell by date. Too many marketers build things to break and don't want to fix them once they have made their millions from it. advice stay well away. I even wrote to JVzoo they could not give a sh$t either. Not their responsibility and all I got was another email address made up for another product which I guess is past its sell by date.

    Bottom line is don't put all your eggs in one basket and buy all his software because just like eggs they go out of date very fast.

    Will update you if I get a reply and what kind of reply I get.

    Its a shame because rankcipher was a good bit of software and almost as good as Senuke.

    Rant over
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    • Tom had launched Rank Cipher with his partner in crime (Who Is Gaurab Borah - Success is never as interesting as struggle!), contact gaurabh and ask for a refund. Even if it is past the refund period it is their responsibility to still make the software work or give refund. It's not cool they make 40-50k of a launch and stop offering support and I wonder what happens to those who buy reseller license.

      Their modus operandi is simply to launch, make money and move onto next product.

      On his products page "rank cipher" is listed still but shows as domain expired when clicked on it.

      There is no excuses whatsoever to fix or not refund or else submit complaint to rip off report.
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    Yes, its been over 5 or 6 months since it has worked! Grrrrrr another one bites the dust!
    Why don't they sell it to someone who can actually run the platform!??
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    • Well they want to wait till the refund period, after that they know paypal cannot do much once it crosses 6 months period and if software stops working, they made their 10k-20k off the launch, built a list and now quickly move onto the next. Neither they have any knowledge of internet marketing or programming. If he knew how to program cant he fix it on his own? Gaurabh wont pay a programmer to fix it but boast on his website he has sold this many units of products. Gaurab does not know any shit about pogramming, product creation or marketing. All he knows is butter up affiliates, support their launches, catch hold of some struggling indian newbie to give some testimonial for him after getting some small result, find people struggling who want products released and release their products. But hopefully sooner or later law of karma will catch these ppl hopefully.
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    I wish I would have seen this post before. RankCipher was literally a few thousand sites that everyone posted to that were members. It was never anywhere near as powerful as GSA SER. The only good thing about RankCipher was how easy it was to use.
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    I agree, GSA takes too much time to setup each posting.
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