ClickMagik - Improvely vs Google UTM?

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What the heck is the difference between tools like ClickMagik, Improvely, Voluum, etc...


Google Tag Manager and Url builder?

why would I pay for a tool that google has for free?

obviously I'm wrong but I don't see the difference....
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    A few of Improvely's benefits over GA:
    • Tracks real people not just sessions, with an infinite tracking window even if cookies are cleared
    • Shows you all their visits leading up to buying
    • Track costs, revenue, profit/ROI of all your ad campaigns (versus just AdWords spend in GA)
    • Click fraud detection and prevention to protect your advertising budgets
    • Details of every visit and sale (IP address, location, landing page seen, conversion page seen, etc) not just aggregate counts which are impossible to figure out if they're wrong because you set up your tracking wrong and don't know how without that information
    • Built-in optimization tools like A/B split tests for your ad landing pages
    • Track affiliate commissions and what ads are generating them, which you can't do with Google Analytics if you can't add code to the site you're advertising because it's an affiliate offer
    • Import cost reports and commission reports from Google, Bing, 7Search, affiliate networks, etc so you only have to check one place to see what you're spending and what you're earning and whether each ad you run is profitable -- not logging in to every site separately
    • Conversion funnel reports to see e.g. how many people that came from Facebook have made more than one purchase on your site
    • Branded agency accounts that let you provide client logins and use your own domain/logo if you provide analytics and conversion rate optimization as services to other companies
    • Fully auditable and exportable click and conversion data
    • View profiles of your best customers to see how you acquired them and how you can get more of them, and you can leave notes on the customer profiles to e.g. remember that you contacted someone on a specific date
    • Easier to use and faster to update (all reports are realtime, not just a few)
    • Customizable conversion attribution model, not just "last click"

    Aside from "they both have link builders and reports", there's actually not much in common...
    Improvely: Built to track, test and optimize your marketing.

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  • just head over to clickmagick website and check out the sales video

    It is a long video including all the features

    Be patient and watch it in entirety

    you will never ask this question again period !!!!!!!
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    I'm thoroughly impressed with ClickMagick and their support...and at $17 a month, hard price to beat. Sometimes free is not the best way especially when it comes to knowing your numbers.
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    The difference is based on what types of tracking you need

    Come check out my podcast! The Podcast 4 Marketers
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    I've been using ClickMagick for several months and would recommend it to anyone.
    They have a 14 day free trial.
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