Best hosting in 2017?

by Joshua McCoy 49 replies
Hello warrior forum members,

I know that there is older info on this, but as we all know, things in this industry change quickly, and I want to be sure to choose the best hosting for a new website I'm planning on building.

As the title of this thread states, I'm looking for an opinion on what hosting company would be best (or at least a very solid choice) for hosting here in 2017. Please reply if you currently have hosting with stated company, and have had a good experience with them. I figure as most of you will have at least a website or two in this forum, and that there would likely be some opinions on the subject.

I might get a re-seller plan, or I might just go "cheap" and go shared hosting in the beginning just to save money, as I am not expecting much traffic for this website for now. I'm not planning on building a ton of websites quite yet, maybe just 1 to 3 sites is about it at most for now. My main goals are a host with close to 100% up-time, and fast loading speeds for my website (and inexpensive). I'll be using WordPress to build my website.

Thanks in advance for your replies, and take care.

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