Active Campaign And Make Money Online Problems

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AC has problems with affiliate marketing, in fact they emailed a lot of people about it, when they promote it.

But they have wonderful automations, the best one, secondary only to Infusionsoft (and maybe Drip but i didnt test it).

So i investigate.

And after asking they dont allow promoting "cold links" about affiliate programs in the mails: as an example if u want to promote some affiliate program you need to open a page informative about it, and not directly the clickbank or jvzoo link.

They also ban for solo ads. They dont like them.

So i still continue with AC, even if Sendlane is good for everything but they dont have the "jump to" or "go to" feature in automation which allows u to make a lead go to another part of the branch, so after a split you can turn it back to the main branch of the automation.

And someone says that SendLane has delivery problems, but there are the same rumors about ActiveCampaign even if i didnt face it yet.
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