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Anyone used before ? Is it a ponzie scheme ? You buy adpacks at different levels and make 1.75% interest on your money daily (roughly), but the advertising you buy to get traffic to your site or offer only is seen by members of the club. You are also supposed to get 120% of amount you paid back in 2 months.

Not sure how the company can afford this. Not sure if you can withdraw your adpack earnings if they add up to a lot after a year or so - they say you can take $200 a day out if you have the required earnings - around 1,000 ad packs bought roughly.

Although people are making money now and seem to be happy, just doesn't seem right to make money by clicking on ads (10 per day). The facebook group has almost 90,000 members and I asked a couple of these questions and they were deleted. Not a good sign.

I guess you can make money this way, but if you invest a lot, my guess is that you can't withdraw it all out and quit. Lots of people seem to be happy, but my inner being says to stay away. Not because of the members, but because the owner could just shut it down next week and you would lose everything.

Any thoughts or experience on this ?

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