Brute Force SEO....How good is it?

by Gee S
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So I've put myself on the waiting list for Bruteforce seo waiting for their new release which automates the entire process. But what I want to know is how good it is from current users. I know past users may have had bad experiences but I'd like to know what people who have used it say in the last month, as maybe things have changed and the software may have improved.

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    It's definitely a lot more stable. I've had it since the beginning and there are... quirks But it's come a long way, and the new Linking Loophole piece is very nice.
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    I think I've spoken to you about SENuke too. I remember your post in another thread.

    Hmm I like SENuke as I've used it before but the extra costs with the spinner and captchas have put me off as it is already quite expensive.

    I've read about Evo II. I have a few questions...

    What results have you been getting with BF?

    How quick have you got good rankings?

    Have these rankings been long term?

    How long does it take for you to complete one full run of the software?

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    I'm currently trialling Senuke.

    If you can work out how to use it (not for complete beginners) as the documentation and videos are pretty much useless, it is pretty smooth.
    I managed to set up about 300 odd web 2.0, article directory, blog etc accounts in about an hour including confirmation. That part is great.

    I manually span a few articles and created some 2.0 properties - this was all pretty OK.
    Whats not so great is that it took me the best part of a day to figure it all out (its not intuitive at all ), and together with the expense, plus the fact that you really have to buy the CB add-on at another $30 odd a month.... I dunno.

    Is BFSEO any better anyone ?
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    Jdean2009, It's like that with any new software or technique, you need to spend some time learning the ropes at first but then you'll do it so much quicker, and automation is a wonderful thing, for repeaded tasks..

    I think the new BFSEO will be a killer. I had the old and it is a solid peace of software. It does so much automation it's almost ridiculous. The account creations, internal linking etc etc, if you're into this stuff, you'll save.

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