Power Leads Pro Software Review

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PowerLeadsPro Review

Here's my experience I have with PowerLeadsPro software. I would not recommend you getting it if you are expecting a sophisticated software like what they had advertised and promised. Their technical service support is world-class terrible as well.

I purchased PowerLeadsPro enterprise version at $127USD on 28 Nov 2016 as they have advertised that their software is able to send out emails automatically.

However, their software was unable to deliver what it had promised - I was able to schedule the software to send out emails to my desired recipients but only to about 5-8 of them. Subsequently, all the emails were not able to send out via the software and I was prompted with this error "The SMTP server requires a secure connection or the client was not authenticated".

Feeling rather disappointed, I emailed PowerLeadsPro support team for a resolution but was received with an unfriendly response and was unable to assist me. I provided PowerLeadsPro support team with my GMAIL account login but they insisted that I was not being truthful as they were able to see the few initial emails that were sent out successfully. PowerLeadsPro support team insisted that the fault lies in Gmail and not in their software. However, I had substantial evidence to proof otherwise (screenshots provided) which their support team refused to further investigate or hear me out.

From the conversation below, you can see that I was trying my best to resolve this issue by cross-testing with other softwares and even using a new computer to ensure that my GMAIL account was working perfectly fine and the problem lies with the software PowerLeadsPro.

Being called untruthful when I had already explained the problem to their technical support + provided transparency to them by giving them my GMAIL credentials for investigation

A full refund should be charged back to my account solely for the product being not capable of what it had promised. But PowerLeadsPro being a company that does not want to take responsibility for its flawed product did not refund a single cent.

I do not even want to go into the specifics on their product, most of their functions that they promised, such as being able to pull out information from craigslist/gumtree are not working at all. I've used the YellowPages function to pull out business addresses but found them to be outdated and the process of pulling out data really stretches your computer system and often hangs + disconnects halfway through. If you do not want to go through the same thing I did, just look for better alternatives, because this software and their technical support is downright garbage and not worth your time and effort to even try it.
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