SEnuke in a nutshell?

by Big JP
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Ok, so I have heard all the buzz about SEnuke (as I'm sure many have) and I still don't think I really know what exactly it is So can someone give an explanation of it, the benefits and cons, and how you would use it, step 1... step2... step3... etc.

A nice BIG "thank you" from me to all the helpfull answers
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    Basically it's an all in one software that lets you bookmark, spin titles and submit articles.

    At the $130 US per month it's pricey, and considering none of the SEnuke crowd a jumping on here to answer your question, they aren't starved for business so it must be pretty decent.

    I don't use it, as I begrudge paying monthly fees for anything and I have purchased one off software that almost does the same job for me, like Automatic article submitter and bookmark demon.

    However many people swear by it.

    Personally I hate free trials that take your credit card number (for your convenience) and bill you lest you forget to cancel.

    In my opinion SEnuke is a great tool, but too expensive.

    Good luck
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    Ran across this:

    SE Nuke - Complete Guide
    Click Here To Download

    Hope it helps

    Clint S.

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    Another thing I've found researching SEnuke is frustrated members with the updating. I wouldn't stand for anything less than "almost perfection" is I were to shell out $130 per month.

    Again I'm sure Senuke is a very good product for many people, but I think link dozer is probably as good and cheaper and I'm sure there are other alternatives
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    How would you compare SEnuke to Niche Dominator?
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    I tried Senuke and loved it at first, because it does save a lot of time. I then paid for my first month, still needing more time to make up my mind. Article marketing is my main way of getting traffic and it is quite good at that. But it does much, much more. It helps with keyword research as well - and it's a very nice little module, fast and gives you all the basics you need - searches, results, CPC, you can export it, etc.

    BUt it does have some bugs. Some of my articles got submitted without any breaks between paragraphs - just one big blob of text. So they got rejected. Thaks God I went and checked them to be sure. Other sites cancelled my account becasue of the automated content. Other sites didn't really let me post easily, my username woulkdn't be recognized, etc. So, in the end, I felt that I had to do a lot of it manually anyway.

    So, considering the price, I decided to go for another tool just to do my article marketing ($47 per month) and I bought Keyword Elite.

    Small Business Controller
    Financial Templates

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    Hey guys

    Areeb here, creator of senuke. If any of you have been members for a few months you'll know that I'm very punctual with updates and put out one almost every 2 weeks with loads of new features in each update. This time however things have Gotten a little pushed back because we are almost doubling the size of our most popular social network nuke module by adding 20 more sites ranging from pr 6 to pr 9. Also, we're making it ie8 compatible and adding anti-piracy measures. So this update has taken longer than 2 weeks and my sincerest apologies for that, but I promise it will be well worth the wait.

    you can checkout update details at SEnuke Blog - SE Nuke, Search Engine Optimization Software
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      Originally Posted by timmywf View Post

      Heres a thread you will want to check out, it has a lot of reviews and opinions on SEnuke.
      ??? what thread ??? :confused:
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          Here's a great module to follow using the features within Senuke;
          Keyword Research

          1. Brainstorm a keyword that people would use to search for your product.
          2. Open up SEnuke and type that keyword (max 4 words) into SEnuke: "Keyword to research" box.
          3. Search for->Keywords on Google keywords tool.
          4. Type captcha and click "get keyword ideas".
          5. Wait for page to load... make sure keywords are relevant or try another keyword.
          6. Click on "copy keywords for batch research".
          7. Click on "Find competition".
          **8. Now you will pick a keyword to target. Make sure difficulty rating is "extremely easy" or "easy". And search count is at least 100. Higher the search count, the better. ALSO, make sure that the keyword has a "Search count for the past month" associated with it. If a keyword has a search count for the previous month, this improves reliability of the average search count (from my experience).
          9. Also, make sure keyword is relevant.
          10. Double click keyword that is either extremely easy or easy... with highest search count... to copy it to clipboard.
          11. Save this keyword for future reference.

          Writing article

          1. SEnuke->Social Network Nuke->Type in keyword at top
          2. "Download article from Ezinearticles"
          3. Go to preview tab.
          4. Keep clicking button until you find an article between 300-400 words.
          5. Read that article, and make sure that you can talk about the product in the article.
          6. Once you find a good article that you can use to promote the product, you will change the article.
          7. Go to "Create spinner article" tab.
          8. Select a sentence, go into "edit box", press Enter after the initial sentence and type in a replacement for that sentence. Type 2 sentence variations and press "Apply". All sentence variations should say the same thing.
          9. Repeat this for the entire article, re-writing every sentence 3 times.
          10. After this, click the "Check Uniqueness" button. Make sure uniqueness is at least 30%.
          11. Copy the "title" into the beginning of the article and add 2 sentence variations. Make sure the keyword that you chose in step 2 appears exactly as it is written in the title of the article, preferably twice. For example: "Phone reversal, Use phone reversal to find out who that cell phone belongs to."
          12. Cut and paste the title out of the article into the "title field" again.
          13. Write a sentence at the top of the article to motivate people to click and go to product sales page.
          14. Right-click on sentence and click on "add link to selected anchor text".
          15. Paste your affiliate link in here.
          16. Now select everything from <a... to </a> and right click and click on "Bold selected text".
          17. Click on "preview sample article" tab to make sure you get a bolded link.
          18. Now copy that link and paste it to the bottom of the article as well.
          **19. Find an image to use for the product (like a box cover or something) and add that near the top of the article by right clicking in the article editor and selecting "Add image.." and pasting the image URL. This image can be usually found on the product sales page.
          **20. Underneath the image, write 5 key problems that the product solves. Underneath these 5 points, add your affiliate link again, with a "click here" anchor text.
          **21. ALSO, near the bottom of the article, write a statement like "Other sites worth checking out".. press Enter and on the next line add this piece of code:

          This piece of code adds random links to other submissions that you've done in the past, to build backlinks for them.

          22. Think of 5 words to put in tags that are related to your product/article and make SURE that the keyword you chose in step 2 is the first of these words. (separated by comma).
          **23. Take your keyword and change it to one word without spaces (copy it into the article body). Re-write this word 4 different times using hyphens, numbers, and letters. The keyword MUST appear in here exactly as you chose it. Click apply and cut and paste this back into the domain field. re-written like this: {stopyourdogfrombarking|stop-your-dog-from-barking} etc. should be copy pasted into the domain field.The keyword being present in the domain is very important for SEO purposes.
          {audio-book-astralia|audiobookaustralia|audio_book_australia|a udio/book/australia}

          Submit article.

          1. Select "blogspot". Make sure nothing else is selected, and click Start.
          2. Wait for captcha and enter it and press continue. Let the program finish.
          **3. Click on "copy URL list" after submission is completed, and save this for reference. This is your blog URL.
          4. Go back to the article, delete the link at the top and the link at the bottom.
          5. Now write a sentence at the bottom which is inviting, something like: To perform a reverse cell phone lookup and find out who that number belongs to, please check out this phone reversal website.
          6. Make sure the keyword that you chose in step 2 is in that sentence exactly as it appears. Now add 2 variations to this sentence as well using the edit box.
          **7. Right click on the keyword + a couple other words if required and click on "add link to selected anchor text" and paste your blog URL.
          8. Now you are ready to submit the article.
          9. Click on the "select all" checkbox at the top and select appropriate categories for the article.
          10. Then click on "Start!"
          11. If border turns yellow, it wants you to enter the captcha and press "Continue". Use the "pause" feature at the top if you can't enter the captcha easily.
          12. Once submission report comes up click on "Save report" and save it somewhere.
          13. Now click on "Send to pinger". Then click on "Start pinging!" and wait for the pinging to finish.

          Submitting social bookmarks and RSS feeds.

          1. Click on "social bookmark nuke" tab, click on button 'Open URL manager' and you will see all URLs saved there. Then select urls you want to bookmark and copy/paste into 'websites to bookmark' field.
          (Same for pinging)
          2. Change setting: Bookmark 2 random websites.
          3. Copy title and tags from social network nuke to social bookmark nuke.
          4. Type a small one or two sentence description. Something like: Ever wanted to know who that certain cell phone number belongs to? Then check this out.
          5. Select all websites, choose a Digg and Propeller category, and click Start!
          6. Make sure you have about 6 browser windows running at the same time by clicking the "New browser" button repetitively. Then click on "Tile Vertically" So that you can see all the windows.
          7. Every time a window turns yellow, click on "Pause" at the top to stop everything and enter the captcha. Then press continue. After entering all the captchas, press Unpause.
          8. Wait for all windows to turn blue.
          9. Click on "Rss nuke" tab.
          10. Copy tags over, change setting to submit 2 RSS feeds.
          11. Click on "use RSS feeds from last social network nuke submission." Make sure all the websites in the website list have to do with your keyword.
          12. Select all the websites, choose categories, and hit Start!
          13. If border turns yellow, enter captcha, and do everything else like you did before. Wait for all windows to turn blue.

          ALL DONE!
          One final step: Go into social network nuke, save project. Now wait about 1 week to start seeing affiliate sales in your clickbank account. Rinse and repeat

          As your promoting an existining site, some of the above might not be applicable. I'm in the same boat as yourself, trying to promote my .com site. I'm using general phrases for back links but for money phrases, the ideas you mentioned above sound pretty good. I'm no expert but from what i've gathered from the forum, your following a good system.

          Maybe a good idea to get links not only to your main page but also deep links in your site too. Whatever submissions you make, add fresh content say every two weeks or so and continually bookmark every other day, add a few url's that aren't related to your main site just to make bookmarking look more natural and use different pre-fix's for titles and domains with your keyword phrase. Also remember to clear cookies and set a new IP for every different submission.

          Here's a great post from a forum member;
          Follow these rules when posting to these SB sites with your many SB accounts.

          * never SB the same URL/blog post the same day / same account./about same time.
          * never SB URL/blog post with same title, descriptions - vary that even across multiple SB accounts.
          * always work behind a proxy network to hide your IP address to these SB sites.
          * Don't SB more than account per day in regards to the same niche.
          * don't go crazy getting 100's of links out of nowhere...Google will raise an eyebrow if you did that. It has to be done - steadily, at random, natural, without any appearance of being automated.

          And the most critical of all:
          Grab yourself a few posts/URLs that are not yours in different niches, from sites that you don't even care to SB, and use those to social bookmark those urls in these SB accounts you sat up. When you social book other people's stuff, it will appear natural, at random to the SB sites and even to Google that the process is growing the way it should be- natural, non-artificial.

          For the most part people naturally will social bookmark different urls as the cruise the net, that happens in different niches, different urls, at different times. And if this process happens naturally, your SB accounts should show sites from many of what you're interested in.....

          So SEnuke is a great tool, but at the end of the end it is just a tool. As a marketer, the intelligence of the process is still on your shoulders so that you can gain the types of links, the right anchor texts, from relevance sites that have authority, are within your niche.

          Another word that I wanted to mention I have not seen addressed in the SEnuke manual, the videos, or any other place (even in this forum is that)

          * your site should have about 65% of its links pointing deep to the site - the remaining to the index page (35%).
          * your site should have a variety of anchor text links pointing to it. Let's say that you're shooting for the term: organic california oranges because in SEnuke it showed - an extremely easy as its difficulty level, well then you must lay out your anchor texts for example:

          organic california oranges
          organic oranges from california
          from california organic oranges

          just about anything combination to ensure the anchor text have variety ( never used the same over and over again ie. organic california oranges).
          another variation could be:
          organic citric fruits from Orange country in California

          Google would recognize these type of anchor texts to be related to your target anchor text too.

          Also, use some throw away anchor text in the mix - for instance,
          click here for organic oranges from california
          click here ( that's right click here should add the appearance of natural to the SEs).

          and finally, make sure that about 22% of your anchor text links have your url in their anchor text to make it look natural again.....for example:

          www dot organicoranges dot com

          Especially Google, in a natural process you should have your url in the anchor text of your incoming links....

          So when using SEnuke different modules, think to these points so that you can "dance armoniously" with Google, get the link love and the ranking you seek.

          Hope this helps?


          Other than that I am using SENuke from 1 month but Its many sites are gone no follow, digg doesn;t work, social bookmarking is way slow
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    I'm a relatively new SENuke user, about 5-6 weeks now. Here are my initial impressions.

    It's nice to have a tool that "does it all." Everything SENuke does can be done manually for free, and can be done using other tools that are less expensive. But this tool puts it all together, and makes the completion of an entire project more seamless. But it also gives you the flexibility to stop the project at any time to outsource a step, then jump back in. I like that.

    I also like the flexibility it gives you in setting up your linking however you want. You aren't stuck with a particular pattern. You can post as many or as few as you want, to wherever you want.

    Another plus is that the owners are very responsive, and do seem to put out updates often. Obviously this is critical because they are trying to stay ahead of the bookmarking sites that are trying to stay ahead of autoposting.

    My success rate is somewhere around 60-80% on most of the projects I've done. Some people are dissatisfied with this, but I fully expect it, since what they are doing is automating steps that are constantly changing. (Beats the heck out of the success rates for the other product that is similar, which will go unnamed.)

    These are the steps the program can run you through, if you want:
    - Account setup, complete with help verifying e-mails.
    - Finding a niche
    - Keyword research
    - Product selection
    - Article retrieval and spinning. (Excellent spinner, but takes about an hour per original article to do it right.) (Easily outsourced)
    - Posting to free sites (Blogger, WP, Hubpages, Wetpaint, and several more)
    - Bookmarking to a couple dozen places, including spinning the titles and descriptions.
    - Profile nuking, which I haven't tried yet. Supposedly optimizes your profile page on the bookmarking sites.
    - Video posting, which I can't do yet because you ned IE7. Supposedly IE8 support is coming out shortly.

    All during this process, it grabs the links it successfully posts to. So you always have the links to your sites available in that project.

    Considering I'm still a noob with this, it seems like a great product. Certainly worth trying for a month or two.

    The stuff this tool does, I often do manually or using other tools. I would say it takes about two hours to do the work that would take about two days to do completely manually.

    The downside is that Areeb seems to spend too much time in the forum answering the same noob questions over and over. Time to outource that, and keep working on the programming!

    Hope this helps!
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    signed up for senuke but homepage seems to have some php errors so cannot download the software
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      Originally Posted by winsh View Post

      signed up for senuke but homepage seems to have some php errors so cannot download the software
      FYI :
      As you might or might not be aware, the SEnuke servers were under attack by hackers three separate times this past weekend.

      Only a few people were affected by it because it happened on a weekend and the problem was resolved within a couple of hours.

      However, we had to do a complete restore of the server from backup, so almost a whole day's worth of data was lost (Sept 27th).

      Most people receiving this email will not be affected by this data loss, but if you were active on the SEnuke website on Sept 27th, we might not have received your correspondence.

      If you signed up for a new SEnuke account or upgraded your existing account on that date, you might have to send us a message at the Help Desk (by logging into www dot senuke dot com/membership/login dot php) [Not ready to post links] again if your account doesn't seem to be working. This also applies to any help desk tickets or forum posts you might have made.

      Moreover, fixing all the issues that these attacks caused took up valuable hours that we wanted to devote to putting out the next update.

      As a result, the next SEnuke update will be delayed by 24-48 hours.

      Probably closer to 24 hours but it could take up to 48 hours.

      An email will be sent out to everyone once the update is released.

      We thank you for your patience, and sincerely apologize for any problems this may have caused you.

      We are working with our security team to make sure this never happens again.

      Announced by SENuke team Now you know what to do.
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    Just to let you know the new version supporting explorer 8 is out and has a load of enhancements. I am just testing them all now, but on first impressions it looks really good.
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    "* never SB the same URL/blog post the same day / same account./about same time.
    * never SB URL/blog post with same title, descriptions - vary that even across multiple SB accounts.
    * always work behind a proxy network to hide your IP address to these SB sites.
    * Don't SB more than account per day in regards to the same niche.
    * don't go crazy getting 100's of links out of nowhere...Google will raise an eyebrow if you did that. It has to be done - steadily, at random, natural, without any appearance of being automated."

    Is the reason to not bookmark using same URL and same account because of Google or because the bookmark might ban you?

    Pen Name + 8 eBooks + social media sites 4 SALE - PM me (evergreen beauty niche)

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      Thats true in case of smart SB sites like stumble, digg etc. But if anyhow you are escaped from them Google is also smart who can see everything. So be smart enough to do some tricks like changing proxy, changing user names.. that will help.

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