looking for a hosting company ((Cheap))

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hi, looking for a good but cheap hosting company to set up a new WP blog?

ive heard many bad things about godaddy.

to be honest, i have a few blogs and am not to technical . ive only been doing this almost one year but this would be my first WP self hosted blog i have ever done. i feel i am ready to go to the next step. i have had a few blogs made for me and hosted ( which i own ) but never learned how to do it myself.
i am look ing for a decent company, inexpensive and not to difficlult to follow

Dave lee.
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    I think you will hear horror stories and bad reviews about every host out there. Since you are not comfortable with Godaddy, I would recommend Bluehost $3.95 plan (through an affiliate link) or Hostgator.

    A lot of members have recommended Hostgator as their preferred host in another thread.
    Also I have checked ixwebhosting plans recently and they provide a dedicated ip with their plans. You can also avail a 20% discount by using the secret link at the bottom of their homepage.

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    We can't give you a definitive answer to that I'm afraid.

    It depends on your location around the world, the level of service you are looking for, how much you are willing to spend.

    But as a general guide: Blue Host, Namecheap, Hostgator all in the US are good.

    UK Web Hosting, Website Hosting, Web Hosting UK, Web Hosting in the UK is great for europe.

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    I use SharkSpace.com and have had really good service there. Use the coupon code 50offlife for 50% off your subscription.

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    Try Hostgator, there is a 20% discount now


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    I have used hostgator and liked it, and you can usually get the first month for one penny if you google "HOSTGATOR COUPON CODE".

    I started using namecheap.com 's hosting and I like their service, and they are less expensive.

    You will certainly get mixed opinions on this topic..
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    If you live in the UK, you can try out pdlsystems.com.
    We resell webhosting packages at very competitive price, starting from £1/month
    Best Value Web Hosting
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    Maybe all the low priced hosting is good, but shopping for hosting based on price is never something I've done. Remember, this is the MOST important part of your business.
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    Price has nothing to do with it. I have seen high priced hosting that wasn't any good either. I recommend SharkSpace as someone who uses the service. If they were bad, I wouldn't be recommending them.

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    What's wrong with GoDaddy? I find them brilliant!
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  • Hostgator by far is amazing. It's cheap, I pay $9 a month for unlimited websites, and their customer service team is fantastic. I have them on speed dial, and I learn so much from them...it's a free education talking to them. Highly recommended.

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      I recommend HostGator, HostNine or Midphase

      GoDaddy is reliable and cheap but their 'upsell at every turn' interface and lack of control over certain elements, such as htaccess IONCube and stats, make them an undesirable host for WordPress and many other scripts.

      I strongly suggest you avoid Dreamhost for WordPress hosting since they have shown a tendency to flag common and highly recommended WordPress plugins and themes, such as All-in-One SEO, as 'spam tools' and canceled accounts on this basis.
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    I've been with Host Gator for just over 2 years and have 5 or 6 sites hosted with them. The team over there is fantastic. Any time I've had questions or problems they've got them sorted out quickly for me both through their online chat and via phone.

    Plus with their Baby account you can host unlimited domains
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      I used Hostgator and I'm thoroughly satisfied with them. I know you could well scout around for cheaper ones but just be careful. Remember the saying " good things are not cheap, cheap things are not good"?
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    I personally do all my hosting with HostGator. I've been using them
    now for awhile and seem to be pleased with them. For ~$9/month,
    you cannot beat unlimited everything... I'll recommend HostGator as
    a first choice.

    I use GoDaddy primarily for domain registrations and no hosting.

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    HostGator is a good choice but one of the best hosting deals at the moment is this Cirtex coupon. $36 for a year - host multiple sites.

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    I recommend Hostgator. I am having many sites with them and works fine and fast. do not go for cheap hosting. if you look for cheap they will be off-line many times it will altimately affect your business and earnings.
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    I use hostgator.com, you can get the first month of hosting for $0.01 if you use a coupon. Do a search in Google for "hostgator coupon".

    "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve." - Napoleon Hill
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      I have also used HostGator for a couple months and am VERY pleased with them; and I agree . . . their customer service is excellent!
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    I would recommend Bluehost. It's one of the oldest web hosting companies. I'm also using it to host my wordpress blogs.
    I cost $3.95/month (if you use discount link)

    Discount link here:
    Bluehost Coupon
    Originally Posted by 123davelee View Post

    hi, looking for a good but cheap hosting company to set up a new WP blog?

    ive heard many bad things about godaddy.

    to be honest, i have a few blogs and am not to technical . ive only been doing this almost one year but this would be my first WP self hosted blog i have ever done. i feel i am ready to go to the next step. i have had a few blogs made for me and hosted ( which i own ) but never learned how to do it myself.
    i am look ing for a decent company, inexpensive and not to difficlult to follow

    Dave lee.

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    You can try b4uindia site. they give fantastico scripts, wp plugins, unlimited subdomains/bandwidth, and the data storage rates are pretty low as well.
    Anthony G.
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    i dont know which one is best for you, but i'd like to remind you that don't forget to search coupon code before ordering.
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      Have used HostGator in the past and like many, never had any issues w/them.

      Their support system was great as well, as I recall totally 'botching' a wordpress install and they not only corrected the problem, they also cleaned up some 'bread crumbs' I left behind during the initial install that I couldn't clean up from the control panel.

      All in all, I think they're a great service to go with and have great support.

      Others who I have heard in the same breath as well as HostGator are:

      1and1.com and Bluehost I believe.

      Good luck w/whichever hosting company you elect to go with..and as said, definitely google coupon codes to get the best pricing possible.

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    search on internet for reviews, try to find some existing client and comments.
    don't go for people offering every thing unlimited at super cheap price. cheap for limited or managed is some thing ok ,and true.
    good luck in your find
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    I have used godaddy for about a yr for hosting a site--I think it's about $4/mo. Have been happy with customer service because I didn't really know what I was doing. However, after reading some of the other comments, I may think about switching. I like the sound of unlimited sites at Hostgator for $9.



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    Please ensure you don't just go for "cheap", you want a company with a good reputation. In my books that would be ...Hostgator.

    I have been using them for over 2 years and they are cool.

    Try the HostGastor Baby account. See if you can get a discount coupon.

    Will D
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      I have used Bluehost and now use Hostgator. I have found both to be problem free and customer service to be great and the price at hostgator is great
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    Yeah Hostgator is one of the best. You can get unlimted websites up on one hosting account for one monthly fee.
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    If you set up a new wp blog, there are a lot of cheap companies, but Hostgator has one of the best support service. I tried four years ago with dreamhost with no problem, but cpanel is not available.

    Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration (Edison).

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    Try Web Toast in the UK - I have a few of my sites with them. Small company, US servers, excellent customer service, lots of extras included. Can't give you a link because my post count is low (new Warrior), but hyphenate web-toast and add the UK TLD and you have it :-)
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    I would try dot5hosting dot com as this works great for me

    Quality website traffic creates leads! Is it true? You too can earn web site income!

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    Cheap hosting always sounds good, but I would rather have quality and a web host that supports working with internet marketers. Most web hosts that offer cheap services don't offer much else. I can host your site for $7.00 per month or you can purchase other scripts, databases, 24/7 support as well as autoresponders and additional software.

    I would rather pay a bit higher and have flexibility, support, additional software along with resources that really work for my marketing needs. Check out my sig below for more information on complete webhosting solutions if you have more than one domain in the future. If you have only one. It may not make sense for you, but once you start creating niche websites, you will need more flexibility.

    Oh one last thing, most cheap web hosting companies offer cheap hosting, but you may run into issues with the routing of your email because you'll be on a shared server which means that you will share the ip address with other marketers. IF that marketer spams Hotmail, Yahoo or MSN. Once they big networks black list your shared server ip , you will not be able to send email to that netorked domain (hotmail, yahoo or msn, etc...)

    Make sure you check into a dedicated ip address fo your domain so that you have the ability to send your email successfully. I charge $10 per year for a dedicated ip address to solve this problem for my shared server clients.

    Hope this helps,

    Mark Coble
    Skype: mark.coble
    Local Search Marketing Services
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      Webhostingpad has plans that start as low as $1.99. I use them and have never had a problem.
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    Revolves is right, Bluehost is the best and if your Google "Bluehost Coupon" and get the hosting for $3.95, in my opinion, you're getting the best and cheapest hosting around.
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    There are so many host ranking sites on the web. You can check for some info. In fact I only agree with the list from freegift4today.info. I do not understand the other rank lists. But this lists is mainly based on customer support and feedback. This is very important for me because I am not very familiar with web hostings. When I have problems with the hosting I will connect with the customer support team at the first time. They will solve my problem at the first time (I am using hostgator and ixwebhost now). I hear that some hosting companies do not have professional customer support team with their own. This kind of support teams will not help you at all because they do not know hosting. So I think customer service is the most important because machine is machine. They will out of run at any time. The most important thing is that you can look someone to solve your problems at the first time to avoid further loss.
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      I'll have to recommend Just Host, they're dependable and cheap
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    fatcow for under 5$/month. The Control Panel looks fresh and they allow you to host multiple domains. That's my favorite shared host, by far.
    http://nichestars.com/ - microblogs-network-cms for serious niche marketers.
    Maintain 1000s of blogs on countless hosts from ONE SINGLE CONTROL PANEL
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    I've been using 1GreenHost.com. They have really cheap domain names $7.49 per month, you can get a free blog free with your domain, and they have an easy automatic install for wordpress.
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      Hostgator is the best, cheap option for shared hosting, IMO. Unlimited domains, good support. Never had any problems with them.

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    I like Hostnine


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