Anyone using Newspapers Alive?

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Has anyone tried this service?

Is it easy to maneuver through your zone changes?
Can you add your own source code html via the offer page editor?
Were they able to meet the daily hit quotas without fail?

I am curious to hear others thoughts.

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    If you have an attractive offer, it is possible to get very good results from a newspaper campaign like this. My first sale was an OTO with a small upsell on the backend.

    It's safer (and cheaper) than buying from newspapers directly and you can throttle your results because they let you change the groups of states your newspaper traffic comes from.

    My only gripe is I'm still on Package 2 because Package 3 spots have not been opened up again yet. I really wish they had some type of reservation system to hold my place in line for when they do open.
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    I've been researching and examining reviews on this service, reaching out to members to ask them questions directly. Specifically:

    Which zones do you get the best results in.
    What offer page strategy delivers the best results in those said zones.

    The general consensus seems to vary based on what members are promoting and the price point; all falling within the "home business/MMO" industry.

    From my experience, offline traffic can be extremely profitable when the right approach is taken. The tricky part is getting it, and how much you pay for it. This "co-op" style newspaper campaign is quite genius. I don't think anyone could make newspaper advertising profitable without the co-op format.

    I'm going to join today.
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    Seems very interesting (newspapers ads).
    Other people that are using the service? ...wanna see more proofs
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    I've been part of Newspapers Alive for 2 months. It was a good opening experience for me BECAUSE I was a complete beginner. You really only need to worry about 2 things after you join. (1) change your zones (if you want to) every week and (2) make sure your offer page is saved with the content you want current visitors to see. I originally wondered if my actual domain would be run in the newspapers but after watching the first backoffice video I now understand how they rotate visitors through the zones via their own registered domain names. Again, zone selecting and offer page are you're only responsibilities and even then, you can just keep the same zones all the time and the same offer page and it won't hurt you.
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    Ok, Since so many of the so called "gurus" were in on this and they are sticking their necks out for it, I decided to give it a go as well.

    Not on the "package 2 or package 3 plan" though .... (I like to dip my toes in first, not dive in )

    So far so good, It works... I particularly love the ability to change the zones for circulation on demand. It is infinitely better than getting a random stream of visitors from across the country. Reason? My offer has tested to convert better on the west coast (health and wellness opportunity)

    As far as responsiveness after you have the right zone, I believe that it is up to how you treat your visitors. I keep a squeeze page as my offer page, tied into my selfhosted autoresponder. (Less bells and whistles, but it works well)

    So far so good...
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    First, I am not an affiliate of Newspapers Alive..

    I have been a customer of NA for about 2 months.. They have a low price point as low as $60 a month for Package 1. As a human I am prepared to give someone a few breaks and reprieves for a few hiccups. As a businessman, they'd better not be big.

    From my experience, the technical side of NA has been fine. My biggest issue or negative view is their somewhat clunky user-interface. I have been a customer of autoresponders and capture page sites about 10 years, that are constantly improved their interface such that that they are SO easy to use.

    NA has a LOOONG way to go to get close - or in fact to get to a point where the interface is easy to use or intuitively obvious what to do.

    User interface isn't everything. But it sure helps.

    From a technical and business point of few, I have no problems with them. Promised traffic quotas are met every single and deliverability to my offer pages have been fine.

    I like the fact you can upgrade to a higher package and have your fee pro-rated into the new rate. I have done this twice; starting at package 1, then moving to package 2, then 3 all within 2 months.

    I use NA because it does the job covering my offline reach, and I don't have to pay per visitor or optin.

    Customer Support has been fine, perfectly responsive. I have sent numerous messages over the 2 months, with different problems and questions, all of which have been answered within an acceptable time frame.

    Also, last time I checked, NA is still opening up new packages on a semi-regular basis, so its good to see they are still able to increase their campaign to meet the demand.

    They definitely need to hire a UX (User Experience) expert to improve their interface to make it more intuitively obvious to use, but as a businessman NA has been a perfect fit.
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    I have issues with their tracking... I have changed my offer pages several times without using masked url (yeah I use one in the beginning) but still i dont see the clicks in my targeted site, i even tested it with clickbank hop link and still no click shown eventhough in the newspaperalive trackers it says i got some clicks.

    Confusing for me... anyone have similar problem and then fix it?
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    Over the weekend I made a $90 sale promoting a ClickBank program (Vooluu) Unfortunately after 5 days in total promoting this link on my offer page, I was notified by NPA support that the hoplink was causing redirect errors of some sort in the system and unfortunately I was asked to change it out. Too bad as the conversion rate was very high for this type of niche offer. So as of yesterday I have switched my primary offer over to 1onlinebusiness (a new bitcoin launch) and according to support, everything is now running smoothly. I have 6 new presentation takers on the day. CB doesn't seem to be that reliable atm, at least not compared to other affiliate systems.
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    Do you think that any of the individuals viewing the ads would be interested in becoming UBER or LYFT drivers?
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    This is a strange question but did anyone have any problems using a card when trying to buy from their website?

    Iv used 2 cards and they keep saying error. Just wondering if it's just me.
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    Still not convinced about NA. it seems they send nice clicks (Ok with it) but I don't think it converts a lot.

    for example: solo-ads give you tons of clicks and good conversions back. plus the price is pretty cheap
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      I'm getting a lot of clickthroughs on my URL, but I'm not getting any optins at all. Not sure what I should do to improve that? Should I place a lead capture box directly on the page? Currently the ad is set up somewhat like a banner where they can click it and go to my lead capture page. I'm getting about 51 percent click throughs but for some reason it's not converting to optins. I'm sure there is something I can do to improve that. Any suggestions?
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    I have been A/B testing a lead capture in Newspapers Alive for a couple weeks to compare landing page variations to see which version generates more conversions. I find that with A/B testing, I can improve my lead generation based on my offer page's actual data.

    Here are a couple elements that I have been testing:

    1. Form Fields: The number used is really a tradeoff between the quality and quantity of leads collected from the page. Before deciding on how many form fields, I have to decide what's more important: more leads or higher quality of leads?

    2. Two-step opt-in form: I can increase my leads and my visitors feel more comfortable because they can go through the page without feeling obligated to provide their information (one step) With a two-step form, visitors will proceed to step two if they like what is being offered. Hence, they enjoy more freedom and feel better about clicking the CTA button.

    What I've found so far is that no more than 5 form fields is my sweet spot, and two-step optin wins. This however is just for one offer. I will need to A/B test again for other products.
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      Lets see if iv got this correct based on the video training.

      bold = URL clicked on doorway page
      total views: 8 total clicks: 4

      Can someone clarify this: When it says "total clicks: 4" does this mean 4 people HAVE CLICKED through my offer page i.e optin? Or does it simply mean 4 people have visited my offer page?
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    I'm triing this service to see what the fuss is all about or just a load of muck.

    For half a day so far using this service. What i've seen is i'm apparently getting a 43% "total clicks:", good right?

    This is where the STRANGE part is.

    Now if their system is informing me, "total clicks:51" I should have data shown on the other page, link clicks, affiliate tracking, right?

    If you ask me, something doesn't seem right here.I would like someone who is brave enough to answer these questions. I have seen a similar question being asked by 2 people above without addressing it.
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    I mainly go by optins and signups in my programs promoted in NA. Most of my affiliate URL's don't provide backend tracking.

    For one of my offers I have a unique coupon code I mention on the offer page (that I don't list anywhere else) This code gets redeemed very often, so I know the referrals are from NA.
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    Hmmmm, interesting post.

    I have been in Newspapers Alive for multiple months. Here are my observations without marketing BS:
    1. I invested in Package 2 ($125/mo)
    2. No surfing for ads (It's just not one of those type of sites)
    3. Average daily unique visitor count 450-490
    4. The site is often slow, I imagine due to how many visitors flow through them.
    5. You are logged off frequently, which is very annoying. They need to drastically increase their auto-logoff time period.
    6. The backoffice does not aggressively encourage you to promote your Newspapers Alive affiliate link to others. No hard sell there.
    7. Back to the auto-logout, its annoying to hear the trumpet sound each time you get booted. Would be nice to turn off the autoplay sales video when the session times out.
    8. My gut feel is that the format is sound and sustainable,
    9. The visitors seem responsive ie. they don't just sit on the offer page. They move and click through links at rates you'd expect.
    10. 1 I wish they would give out free trials, as it would be easier to promote them as affiliates. The min for package 1 is $60 which is lots of many people, despite the fact the money is well worth it in return.
    11. Phone support would be nice, but tickets do the trick for a system like this.
    12. They do limit the types of programs you promote, so if you are promoting gifting programs be prepared for your accounts to possible get canceled.
    13. It would be nice to change your zones more frequently than once every 7 days. But hey, patience is a virtue right? And I imagine the nightmare it would be juggling this campaign if members are bouncing to and from different zones more frequently.

    For me, I am still evaluating but I have made more than I spent and I'm a happy camper. I am not interested in recruiting because 99% of recruits never do anything.

    Looking forward to continue following this thread and hearing experiences from others
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    UPDATE: Support sent me a message saying their was a redirect problem on the offer page in their system and have refunded my money until they sort it out.

    My offer page was doing about 47% click through, but as I mentioned, no data, clicks, spike in traffic was showing on my stats after trying this for less than 2 days. Which to my was very strange.

    The positive is, they gave me my money back.

    The cons, I spent $10 for someone to design a basic offer page.

    For those who are reading this wanting to know:
    Q: is this real traffic or bot?
    A: In my experience, I can not confirm it is.

    Q: Does this traffic convert?
    A: I got 47% CTR but no data to actually show proof (link clicks, visitor tracking and even screen record traffic) - because thats what matters right?

    Q: Do these NPA people buy?
    A: Not from my experience.

    Q: What are my next steps would you try it again?
    A: Support have said, when the developer has sorted out the problem, they will contact me to resign up. Once and if they have confirmed this I will try it again. Otherwise no.
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    Just a quick followup.

    My account just renewed again and based on how things are going I will be continuing on with this service. I have changed my zones twice in the past month and have a good feel for the States that respond best for my offer.

    Zone 6 is a zone that both my sponsor and I are seeing very nice results with. Unfortunately you can't receive all your traffic from just one zone, if you could it would be Zone 6 all the way for me baby haha..
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    Something to consider - its kinda strange everyone who's posting on this tread has between 24 - 50 post counts post amazing/positive results and people who have a larger count are facing problems with this service?

    My conclusion is this...

    Beware of using this service, they claimed I had X amount of CTR and no one visited my URL. Not Even showing stats or hearmap.

    So the traffic is BOTs. Do not use!!
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    I am happy to see the 3 people I referred to Newspapers Alive turn over this month (recur) I was paid out promptly on my commission request this morning ($45)
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    A week ago I created an offer page, explaining to the readers about the Newspapers Alive traffic service. I then sent 100% of my traffic to this offer page (promoting NA with NA) My goal was to target the people that already may have something to promote! I was able to refer someone to package 1, but just that one. My suspicion is that most people reading these ads DO NOT have something ready to promote. My theory is that most are interested in joining something. FYI
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    affiliate link ?

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