PLR Evolution - Create Custom Software On The Fly.

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I had the opportunity to try this program which had great potential but unfortunately, it simply did not work. The product locks up anything you are selling into a .exe file so the purchaser must register it before activating it. You also have the option of including an ad loaded into the software which appears when the user accesses the file. On the surface and in theory, it looks good but fails miserably with any file over 20MB in size. It works great for PDF reports and other small files but literally takes over 20 minutes for your customer to activate their purchase from you which simply means you are going to piss of a lot of your customers. I spent at least 2 hours testing and retesting the software with 5 of my friends who all reported the same thing.

I contacted their customer service department as instructed in the receipt and simply told them it was not going to work for my customers and asked for them to simply refund the money. It wasn't much but I expect things to work as shown in the sales video. It is obvious know that the developer was locking up a small pdf report in his video presentation and on the surface it looked reasonable but when you get it and try a video or audio file or a piece of software, it is going to freeze up on you customers computer. BEWARE!

They're support immediately denied the request so I am forced to open a dispute with PayPal which is really foolish on their part.

Why advertise something that you already know is going to lock up on your customer. It is true, you can't fix stupid.

Well all I can say is stay away from anything offered by
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