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Anyone know anything about this? It's from Eric Louviere and the website address is 5starsilverclub(dot)com. Keith Baxter highly recommends it,
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    it's kinda time consuming but works perfect.
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    Anybody actually get into this program, and can describe it? perswealth, I was interested also, and thanks biaobao, but for me, saying it's time consuming but works perfect ain't much information. More, anybody?
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    I joined 6 weeks ago but was overly impressde with the level of content in there so asked for a refund - that was 3 weeks ago and well inside the 30 day money back guarantee. When I logged a support ticket asking for my refund all I got told was that eric was very busy and would get round to refudning my money when he had time. 3 weeks later and I still haven't received my refund and the support desk doesn't respond to emails anymore.

    So think carefully before you spend money.

    If Eric gets back to me I'll post an update but 3 weeks waiting for a refund is not good customer service in my opinion.

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    I have today come across this product which i am kind of considering and wondered if anyone had actually made money from at least model one.

    I am a newbie and looking for my first project to work on.

    Any advise will be helpful.

    To our success!

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    Be Warned!

    The material is of mixed quality with an awful lot of filler such as hours of seminar videos where any useful info could have been condensed in to a 4 page pdf!
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    My opinion is "don't waste your money".

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