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Hi everyone, I am starting a indepth discussion on click funnels. Please add your questions, concerns, experience, dislikes , likes or anything else that can to the value of this discussion so others can have other options and possibly at a lower cost.

I am considering buying into click funnels and notice that click funnels claims that you can end up spending alot more, some large figures upwards in the 1000's of dollars by going out there and getting the tools individually that comes already built into click funnels.

I am questioning how true this is and feel that yes, it is handy having all those tools in one place, but can one go out there and add the tools, features that comes with a $300 month membership for a lot less.

I will marketing an online marketing training affiliate program and my primary mlm company online. I am wondering if there is a way, to get the things that click funnels allows you to get done at a cheaper more economical cost period.
1) What are some pros / cons of clickfunnels

2) What is a comparable alternative option to click funnels

3) Can one go out there and find those same tools click funnels has, put something together by piece work that has the same functionality , features and tools that the premium package of $300 monthly click funnels membership offers at a more affordable monthly cost, possibly for $150 or $200 monthly cost vs $300

4) Does it have the ability similar to marketing automation softwares to be programmed to make decisions based on certain actions that a vistior takes throughout the funnel
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    Click funnel is really for creating landing pages, sales page e.t.c. Optimizepress can easily do that. What you need is autopilot or an Autoresponder like active campaign.
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    Bumping this as I'm also interested
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