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I put a reply to a post on Dave's WSO earlier and thought it would make sense to post a review here and mention some of the other products I have bought,Which I did not want to do on his WSO thread.

I have been on Dave's course for just over 3 weeks. I chose the one on one coaching because I have spent more on guru launches that to be honest left me with more questions than they answered. I was not naive enough to think that buying a course made the money, it was just that I still had to apply what was suggested, and it was the application I had a problem with. Was I picking the right offer ? should I do lead generation, or sell a product, what market should I try first ? No out of the box course I have found solves this problem.

I thought PPC formula was a very detailed course, but I feel like I had read a manual and watched some videos on how to swim. I know what to do, but I was sure when I jumped in the pool I would still sink ! Gauher Chaudhry is an expert, he has a natural ability to see an offer and know how to match it with traffic, but to get that same ability, I realised it wasn't going to come from me reading the course.

I also got the clickbank code, which for the price ($77) provides a very good overview of making money with clickbank , but again, is not not detailed. The clickbank code is well done, and well made, the videos are clear, but there was not enough detail about using pay per click. The content network for example only got a brief 2 minute mention, and nothing showing it in action.

Other courses I tried, I now know were teaching me traffic gimmicks, and not a true money making strategy which is what i am learning now. To be honest one of the problems I had which I am sure I am not alone with, was I had information overload. As I say I knew how I was supposed to swim, I just needed to feel safe when I went in the pool.

I had read the forum for a long time, but it was this post from Dave http://www.warriorforum.com/ad-netwo...ase-study.html

That post made me join the forum because I wanted to contact him. It was the first thread I had read that made so much sense to me. The answers he also gave to questions in that thread showed me he knew his stuff, something that is even more clear when you speak with him one on on.

The help and advice he gave me even before I joined his coaching helped me a great deal. I was lucky that he was in the UK as I am , so for me this did make it even more of an advantage. I had seen the threads on the Warrior Forum of people ripped off by coaches, so It was reassuring for me that I could reach him easily, he does not vanish for days.

The quality of information and assistance I now get 4 days a week is frankly invaluable. It is hard for me to put a value on having someone at the end of a phone or via email who is an experienced internet marketer of 13 years, a Pay Per Click expert who has used PPC for 9 years and Adwords for 7. I have come further in 3 weeks than in the last 5 months.

I started with only a small ad budget.$20 per day. Actually the first thing Dave did was get me to pause everything I was doing previously in my adwords account, and we went back to the start. I realised in the first few days how much I had been doing wrong.

In the first week I didn't launch any new campaigns, the whole time was spent on revaluating how I looked at markets, niches and keywords.

Now as I start week 4 my $20 a day budget is bringing me around $60 a day profit, and yesterday was over $80. I am now working on hitting my first $100 day next week. This means in my case the coaching is now paying for itself, I was making no money from PPC before, infact I was losing money and now I am on target for $2000 in profit. I can now start to put these profits back into my campaign budgets and start to scale up, and I feel confident in doing it because I have someone guiding me as I progress. In my opinion, you won't find that in any course.

My goal was to do this full time and quit my Job by the end of the year, now thanks to Dave's Coaching, I am on target to do it.

I did this as an investment in my business and my future, to date it has been my best decision.

I will point out for anyone thinking this is an easy road to making money to think again. It isn't, if you don't put in the time, you won't make the progress, Dave will not do it for you, he will help you to help youself, but he is not going to choose your niche, choose your keywords, build your landing pages, and launch and manage your campaigns, you have to learn to stand on your own feet.

I can't say I am a typical student as I don't know the status of other students he works with, but I am a happy one !.
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