Need some advice about these traffic sources please

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Hey warriors,

I would like to ask if anyone of you tried to buy traffic from the below sources?
are they trusted? what quality they provide?
easy solo ads
10dollar solo ads
extreme lead program
blast4 traffic
guaranteed solo ad traffic

I do not intent to promote them or any, just skeptic feeling and want to consult if anyone have tried them before,
Kindly advise based on experience, many thanks,
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  • Sorry but I am not familiar with those solo ad providers. I have tried Clicckonomy though. It's only 2 months since I subscribed. I have good traffic but I still have to see how well it coverts. I am also conducting a lot of split tests to see which one works better.
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    When I started out I tried some of these very cheap solo ads. Not sure about the ones you mention, but the ones I tried were all bot traffic, no real humans. They gave guarantee for sign ups, I never got a single sign up.

    If you want to check them out make sure you have a very good tracker, like ClickMagick in place, so you can identify bot and proxy clicks. Only buy if they sell via clickbank and give a sign up guarantee. This will make sure you get your money back when you showed evidence of zero sign ups (again you need good tracker in place)

    send the traffic to a squeeze page only, try to get these people on your lists. Do not send to sales page. This will sure end in zero sales and money lost

    Good luck ..
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      Hi ritzz,
      Thanks for the reply, actually I am using as tracker,
      I used to buy traffic from some of the above and got zero percent (0%) results in all corners, just some clicks which I suspect was from click farms job, without mentioning to avoid defamation issues,
      However, I will look at clickbank and see the guaranteed sign ups,
      thanks for the advise
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  • Profile picture of the author rritz looks rather like a ClickMagick clone
    should be good.

    If you are looking for better soloads than those cheap ones you are looking into now, go to facebook groups and check out a few sellers there.

    Look at how long they have been in business and always negotiate for a first time buyer discount.
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    The real deal with solo ads is that their lists are generally really beat up.

    Yes, you get opt ins, but, what do those opt ins buy from you? What is their real long term value?

    In virtually all cases, not much.

    Then, when you go to the ultra cheap 99% bot sellers you get zip.

    My advice would be to start doing ads on Facebook, Bing and do YT videos.

    Test those, get to where you have a nice positive ROI. Then look at how to scale up.

    That's my 2 cents and I'm sticking to it.
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      Thanks Enfusia, appreciate your comments and valuable advise
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