Best hosting site for affiliate marketing

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What is the best hosting platform to use for an affiliate marketing website
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    I think you should go for godaddy. Its good and reliable
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    Originally Posted by clarknewhall View Post

    What is the best hosting platform to use for an affiliate marketing website
    A good web host will be good for anything pertaining to web marketing not just affiliate marketing. I'm using Heroku at the moment and really like them.
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    choose DIFFERENT solution:

    One for the domain: Godaddy.
    One for hosting: Greengeeks is affordable and reliable, their support desk is really responsive.
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    how did this conversation go from hosting platforms to hosting providers?

    most everyone uses Wordpress.

    I would also stay clear of GoDaddy!
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    hey there

    word press and go daddy are reliable

    i started with word press years age and they recommend me to go daddy

    never had any problems with these 2 platforms

    every thing out there is built on word press technology ...examples

    wall street ...cnn.. online shopping center world wide

    and guess what ...most of this technology is free

    talk soon
    sam f
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    Hostgator is the incredibly very popular site for the affiliate marketer. So try it. Happy working
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    For the love of God please don't go with go daddy. Just read the reviews. Amazon do a free vps for a year. Google do a free vps for life.

    I make FREE SEO/IM Software at
    PBN Hunter / Expired Tumblr Hunters / Backlink Finders and more all 100% FREE.

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  • Godaddy is best, I am using past one year it is good for me.
    customer care support is awesome.

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    When you say 'hosting' everyone will think of hosting providers. A hosting provider is a company that hosts your website on the Internet. It doesn't matter whether your website is an affiliate marketing website or a blog or any other kind of website, you will need a hosting provider to host your domain.
    Personally, I use Hostgator for my websites. But other reputable ones line Godaddy are fine, too.
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    I pefer to neglect Godaddy for web hosting. Alternatively you can go with Bluehost, Dreamhost or siteground. Hope this will help you.

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    sometime i think peoples are insane lol
    stay away of go daddy, hostgator and other alike
    use something like siteground, digital ocean or knownhost

    that`s no trouble solution, trust me i tried a hundred of hosting
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      i find what u said quit intresting because everyone is talking about hostgator and say that it's the best out there.. so why do u think that hostgator is bad? and why do u prefer the sites that u mentioned?
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    Hostgator doesn't exist anymore, aside from name only. It's EIG, along with 75+ other brands, and is a horrid option.

    Godaddy of 2017 isn't the Godaddy of yesteryear, and is not a bad option. But there are still better.

    As far as "for affiliate marketing", a good host will work equally well for marketing or doctors or blogging about cats. What you want is good support, good uptime, and a host that is helpful to you and your business. Which exact host you get depends on your exact needs (location, resources, etc).

    I'd get domains from Namecheap.
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    My preference for domain registration is moniker and cosmotown. Neither is Enom and won't null route your domains for spam complaints / blacklistings.

    If you are going to use a domain short term or you will never get any complaints, just use Namecheap.

    As far as hosting goes, it really doesn't matter that much. Everyone has expectations of producing huge volume, which most will never do. So just go with someone cheap and upgrade later.
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    I am using bluehost from last 3 years and its service is also good...the customer support is also good...!!
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    I use Host Gator,
    For The Domain, I use Name Cheap.

    Get Instant Access To Over 300+ How To Tutorials!

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    A new kid on the block is They share the same premises as Liquid Web, but there prices are much lower. There service is very good. I am hosting both Wordpress and Joomla on them, and had no trouble so far.
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    I've used a few that are worth mentioning, but my favorite now is Dreamhost. Will soon be upgrading from shared hosting to VPS.
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    I've different sites hosted on different shared hosting platforms but i would always recommend you to go with fastcomet. They are great in communications and provide great services in reasonable rates.
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    I personally have tried tons and hostgator as well as dreamhost have been really good for me even though many have had their run ins after a few things changed at host gator I have not had any issues with them personally.

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    I use communitybasedhosting because:
    #1 - They co-manage sites with me and it saves me A LOT of TIME!
    #2 - They provide 24/7 LIVE security monitoring and Rapid Hacker Response Team Included!
    #3 - They have Virtual Assistant teams promoting every site hosted with them!

    And they have a growing number of specialized done for you sites and services that no one else has.

    For an affiliate marketer, I think you'll be hard pressed to find other web hosts who actually act like your partner in business.

    Best ever! And I just moved all of my properties over to them after getting horrid support from my last provider for BASIC issues.

    I even suggest that every beginner start on the right foot and host their site there - it can save you years!
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    I could not recommend Hostgator for such a project due to how they tend to handle changes in their own policies. What will work for you now may not work for you in the future - so - there is a chance you could be "stuck" in an interesting situation.

    In my case, I have been a HG member for a number of years. I had an ACH-type of payment to take place. During this time, a certain amount of data has accumulated. In this past, such an amount of data was not a problem. Due to some kind of "change in policy", it has now become one. Now I have "too much data" on my account.

    Over the past year, I have been involved in working on other issues - so - I did not return to the HG site - and - was not aware of the changes.

    With the change, they shut down your web site. So, when individuals type in your domain, they will see an advertisement for Hostgator - even though they still accept your payment. Access to your site will not take place until the situation (i.e. reduce the amount of data) is corrected.

    Fair enough - but - the kicker is that you can't access your account - at all. So, it is a Catch-22 situation. Your site will continue to be an advertisement for Hostgator until the "extra data" has been deleted - but - your account has been disabled - so - you can't log in to delete the extra data.

    Logging messages with HG have not had any effect as dealing with one agent becomes tiresome as you have to re-explain the situation at each time.

    I had sought a refund for the problem (citing the HG TOS agreement that your site will be up for 99.9%) - however - I found that this ONLY applies to the first 45 days after you purchase the package. So, if one has been there a number of years, this "guarantee" would be null and void (as it is past the 45 day limit).

    This has been my experience with Hostgator as of late. I initially thought them to be a good company - but - it seems as though there have been some changes in the organization that make it no longer so.

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    I suggest or for domain registration.

    For managed wordpress hosting, consider wpengine.

    For full-on web apps where you want full control of the server, use a VPS... I'm a huge fan of DigitalOcean. Linode is a popular alternative.

    Heroku is a popular PaaS (Platform As a Service) for Rails, PHP and Node web apps when you don't have the capability of setting up the entire server yourself (ie don't have an ops person).

    But of course power users (like myself ) also use AWS directly instead of Heroku.

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you have questions about any of these.
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          Know better then what? Breaking the forum rules like you have? Your post has been reported.

          Originally Posted by Phyl lyf View Post

          Yeah, I like it too.
          That's what affiliate marketing is all about and you should know better.

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            Oh, its a rule not to?
            They ignorance is no excuse.
            Thanks for letting me know. Better earlier than later.
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    Hosting plans from hostwinds and a2hosting are worth your attention. Prices are low and servers are stable.
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    Namecheap is as I've found to be, cheap and reliable.
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  • Bluehost are great for the price - they get quite a bad wrap from the developer community, but for less than $5/month they're hard to beat!
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    I like VendorLock hosting by Jeff Noyes.

    This is about the best deal I've seen and it comes with unlimited sites, emails, and you get a free auto-responder service on your own domain.

    I am very happy with this hosting service.

    I believe you won't find another hosting service that compares to this value.
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    There're many guys in hosting industry that can provide you good quality services, such as Godaddy, Namecheap, Bluehost, GreenGeeks,...

    â–º Godaddy Coupon - Just $1/mo Hosting, $0.99 .COM Domain Registration
    â–º Jeulia Coupon Promotion - Save Up to 70% on Rings Clearance

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    Originally Posted by clarknewhall View Post

    What is the best hosting platform to use for an affiliate marketing website
    Ah, ok here we go and why,

    SSL is very important, and you should choose a Hosting that has Free SSL which is Bluehost, I use them to run many websites for my Web design business and run all my affiliate sites.

    Many people are still not using SSL certificate, if you don't use a SSL , people or customers will see your browser is not secured by SSL,

    So Bluehost only or you will pay hundreds from other hosting companies, so now you know.

    Thanks Rob.
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