Anton Kraly Dropship Lifestyle

by szaby
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What do you think about this course has anyone done it? Is it really good?and easy to do
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    I shared the course with someone before just so I can use the methods on marketing without the use of FB. Based on the training, I think he gives WAY too much information which can be overwhelming. It seems Micheal doesn't like to cut of the fat from the stake.

    if you've been though other programs you'll know what I mean. All the information he provides are valuable. However, its just like a dogs dinner, dogs love it, but it looks a mess.

    Anyways, just my opinion..
    ... One last thing though to consider before you say yes to this course..

    If you can go through the course and cut out the fat, awesome. Also, a lot of these type of courses leaves out the number one thing that will double, triple income and even more - is AOV, upsells. They don't take the time to show people how to build one or what to do that is low cost - its all push button this and that. Rant over.
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