Does Lead Lightning Work ? Have any one tried this ?

by Vsingh
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I have just joined 'Lead Lightning'. It looks great. But I'm not sure about does it really work or not. I want your opinion, if you have tried it.
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    i thought it was just for the US...

    Aside from that, it does look pretty interesting, and it's also very cheap to get started with.

    I think i recall the system also sending out automatic emails on your behalf too. Pretty dope
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    I have been looking at this. Another marketer, Rob Fore whom I greatly respect has been advocating this lead site on his Facebook page for quite sometime now, and is something I myself plan on testing going forward into July and August, so we'll see...
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    Lead Lightning does a better job. The software can collect data including any attendee who stops by the booth. It filters and sends top quality leads to the sales team. Give it a trial and let's compare notes.
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    It appears Lead Light is gaining traction. I have been trying to ignore what marketers say about it. I think I need to give it a trial and see.
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    I watched it. But he did not interest me.
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    Hello, I've been a member of lead lightning for the best part of a year. Have had almost 50 sign ups to the free lead system but only one $6 commission and what I found out was the payment processor takes a $2 free every month so if you only make $6 a month you will only get $4. Also if you don't withdraw your money it will take a further $2 a month.

    However, what I do like is the landing pages you get - I think they are very attractive to get new leads. Maybe I just need to make a bit more effort to promote but here is the part what makes me is the actual power lead system subscription. You pay either $29.99 or $54 a month and you need to get at least 2-3 people under you to cover this.

    I am still not sure what value this represents really - I actually paid $149 for the Diamond upgrade because I thought it would waiver the monthly subscription ~ how wrong was I . It was only after they tried to charge me the $54 i realised this. Plus I did flat out ask the guy who referred me if this would waiver the monthly fee. He was very clever about not answering this ~ I probably wouldn't have got this otherwise. So I really don't like that - they ask you to pay $18 for a domain as well.

    In my opinion there is potential for this platform to work but I would say you should probably have a couple hundred saved up before just to properly go through everything. I may do this myself but honestly it all depends if something better comes along or not.
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