Flynax vs Geodesicsolutions

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I own both scripts.

Wich one would you use for a new classifieds script, and why?

Geodesic has a good name ( used it as a base for their site)
Flynax is more up to date with many features and themes (in compare with Geodesic)

Your opinion?
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    Anyone? :O

    Knowledge is power! ;)

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    Wich version? Wich template? And for how much?

    Knowledge is power! ;)

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    I bought flynax script using it 2 years and it is everything but good and cheap script. Waiting for support can take up to 2 weeks and fixes up to 3 months.
    The script itself has all those functions but very flawed, a lot of bugs and very poor user experience.
    I personaly tried to cooperate with flynax team to make some customisations because a lot of functions on the script do not work the way they made it, they wanted to charge me for such things very very high.
    in last two years i spent over 5000 USD on this script, paid everything what their support and coding team asked me to pay and i still have shitty script which noone else but flynax people can fix.
    Every single plugin you can buy for this script is flawed and need very radical fixes. Even Paypal if you use any other currency then USD or EUR. Only for Paypal bug fix i payed 150 USD.
    Those flynax guys have politics to sell flawed and very poor stuff as if it is very best. Once they sell their script they waant big money for fixes which i still have myself after 2 years still.

    Also, they claim to be a company somewhere in Miami, but they operate 100% from Kyrgystan and noone can find their real offices.

    After i made a pressure on them to make some fixations on my website, they stopped providing me support which they should be doing in Terms of use, or they answer every 15 days.
    I made a report to USA police from where their fitive company come from ant to USA Department for internet crime, to get me theirs adresses. I have very much money and time losses because of their very shitty script and support and i am going after them until they pay me back every single penny.

    if you are planing doing anything serious with classifieds, I DO NOT RECOMMEND this script in any circumstances. If you want to play with it, i recommend you play with something else and better than flynax.

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