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After 3 days, there is no access to the program and no response from support. They are still selling the product so beware.
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    I decided to dispute with PayPal and I instantly get an email with the excuse the support system had been down.

    Instead of apologizing, since I also emailed him and his email was not down because his website was still up and he was sending emails all week regarding his webinar, he decided to be an a-- and say he was just going to let the disputes ride the mandatory 10 days and they will refund. I contacted someone I know at PayPal and all I can say is don't waste your time here. Caveat Emptor!
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      Seller Beware.

      I decided to sell a single license of Gram Poster for $17.

      Mo was my only customer to select that option.

      The support form did not work on the gram poster website because email is disabled on the web host. So I moved it to the Gram Academy site and it works fine now. I didn't have a chance to support Mo because he filed a paypal dispute 1 hr after he emailed me again upset today. I'm not going to go back and forth with you as I've already issued a refund. But you're trying to act like people who buy this product will not get access and that is not true.

      Your access details are in your JV Zoo customer account.

      You login to JV Zoo:

      Access your Gram Poster purchase and you will see your login details. However, in your case you will not because you filed a claim. JV Zoo blocks your purchase details at this point. You are clearly a bad buyer sir. There is nothing wrong with the product.
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    Well if anyone needs to see my support emails to you beginning 4 days ago as well as the screen shots they are welcome to request it from me but now you're adding to your foolery by claiming I submitted a dispute after 1 hour.

    I tried for 3 straight days. I emailed you at your personal address. You've been emailing us all week long about the webinar and now claim you had no email????

    I've purchased over 230 items from JVZoo and if access to a product is not available and CS does not respond, there is no other alternative. Why was it that it took a PayPal dispute to finally get you to email back. If as you say you had problems, you could have let your entire list know.

    Claiming I was the problem only diminishes your credibility here my friend. BTW, I only needed a single post license but I also purchased the OTO academy. I've been on this forum since you were a kid so grow up and learn how to handle your marketing efforts. A simple email to your list would have solved this problem and you wouldn't be in this situation trying to cover your mistake.
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      Mo all I'm saying is JV Zoo handles product delivery. They send you an email immediately after you buy. If you purchased 230 items you should know how to access the product. It's in your customer dashboard (link above).

      When you access the product in your dashboard it will give you 3 things:

      1. The login URL
      2. Your username
      3. Your password

      I did email my list about support being down by the way several days ago.
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    Also don't confuse the facts... My web host would not send email from So I moved the support form to gram academy. At this point I mailed my list like a grown up. I never said I couldn't send email. The emails about the webinar aren't even coming from the gram poster site and you know that.
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    "I tried for 3 straight days. I emailed you at your personal address."

    Again the form was down at first yes and it was fixed, which is why I got your ticket today. But I was not able to respond in time because you filed a claim an hour later. That's what happened in facts land. I really don't care what you say beyond this point as you're no longer a customer and you can't review something you don't have access to. This is in no way a "review".
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    Also I think you'll come back and buy it again if you really need it.

    Because it's the best software out there for what it does.

    And you wont find this level of value for the price anywhere else.
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    I've been around JVZoo for years. The problem was accessing your members area. I emailed you the screen shot of your system not recognizing my user email as well as your system not handling the password reset and you agreed with me. What are you trying to accomplish here? No one believes what you're saying. If you emailed your list I would have seen it. The point is you had emails from me with screen shots and it took a PayPal complaint to get you to move. Move on Pal.
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    Mo this has nothing to do with my members area.

    I told you where the details are look up.
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      Originally Posted by PaidAllDay View Post

      Mo this has nothing to do with my members area.

      I told you where the details are look up.
      That was the problem. I told you by email and sent you the screen shot.

      If I could attach the screen shot here I would. I could upload it to me server and post a link to it. Are you seriously willing to keep up your charade? I'm not interested in continuing this discussion. I did what I was led to do and post my review of your product which I paid for but was not able to access it plus the support system was not relying to support tickets and now you want to cry about someone posting a review?

      You would have been better off replying to this post with a simple apology and telling everyone you have fixed the system and everything is working and promise to do your best at answering support issues. That would impress me and everyone else here more than denying responsibility.
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    Listen Mo the simple fact is you did not access your purchase in your JV Zoo dashboard or you would have had your username and password.

    Before you accessed your purchase you filed a paypal claim. I was not withholding anything from you as you would like to paint this picture.

    You were withholding the details from yourself by not accessing your purchase. Maybe you got lazy after 230 purchases and expected an email from me.

    You cant do that... why? Because I use the API and your details are sent to your JV Zoo customer account the moment you make the purchase.

    I pay JV Zoo thousands of dollars every year to handle product delivery upon purchase. That's there job and they did.

    You received an email after you purchased it that told you to access it via the JV Zoo Customer link above.

    But instead of doing that, you did everything you described earlier, and caused this big hassle.

    So you would have INSTANT access IF you accessed your purchase in your JV Zoo customer dashboard.

    What happened in your email, or what I email my list about, or how soon I contacted you doesn't change any of this.
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      Originally Posted by PaidAllDay View Post

      Listen Mo the simple fact is you did not access your purchase in your JV Zoo dashboard or you would have had your username and password.
      Your Login Email:

      Your Password: YQgtacCT

      Give up pal...
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        If you would like to buy it again I will make sure you have access.
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          I enabled this account again w/ that password for now. So you can try it also feel free to join the webinar. No hard feelings. You were the only one to buy this level of account. So it's possible something didn't work correctly. I'll remove this option and only sell the 5 account access for now.
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    For anyone reading this I have over 200 customers.

    And many of them are using the software regularly.
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    • I really like the software Thomas, although there is an issue at the moment with the site being down. First issue I've encountered since September.
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        okay, please contact me via support instead of trying to call me out on the WF
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        • I wasn't calling you out, I was trying to contact you to let you know your service was down. The JVZoo details for the product have the support listed as the gram poster domain. So when I tried the form (unavailable) and your email which bounced back I looked elsewhere for a way to contact and saw this post.
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    Thomas I hope your program works for everyone who purchased it. I'm sorry it took conflict for you to act.
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    this thread just keeps getting better!
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  • The Gram Poster site appears to be down now. Been trying for a few hours. The support email uses the same domain and bounces back when you send an email. Appears widespread according to 'Down for everyone or just me'.

    Any ETA on service restoration Thomas?
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      this is being caused by the hosting they phased out cloud hosting at godaddy. as a result they're periodically shutting it off. I will have to migrate it do a different host and I will update everyone about that. I literally just have to flip the switch and turn it back on so it's not that big of a deal, if this happens again and you need access you can contact support here:

      You should be using the form for support if you're a customer.
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      • I will in the future, but I wasn't aware that's where support was handled. The product information on JVZoo says the support is handled on the gramposter domain (email and form) which was where I tried but it was unavailable.
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