What is the best IM course for newbies

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I have been going back and forth with John Crestani's Iamjetset, Anik Singals inbox blueprint and Mark Ling's affilorama. Can anyone offer any insight to which is the best one for a newbie?

Thank you
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    I bought the first affiloblueprint, and I have kept upgrading over the years, just because I think its a quality product. In fact, I still consider Mark Ling's affilorama package to be one of the best bangs for your buck, considering all the tools he makes available in one place. Would cost you a couple hundred bucks a month to replace the tools he has under roof for premium members.

    He even offers a ton of free videos if you are truly a beginner, so you can sample a lot of what affilorama offers without spending a dime.

    I've sat through a couple webinars Anik has done a few years back, and I wouldn't hesitate to pull the trigger if his message resonates with you, but I haven't personally been inside his products as a paid member.
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    I've heard good things about affililorama.
    I'd also check out affplaybook as well.
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    Lots Of Courses Out There
    Try to learn While Practicing
    Stick To One method until you get results from it
    Then escalate ...
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      Originally Posted by Bizopboost View Post

      Lots Of Courses Out There
      Try to learn While Practicing
      Stick To One method until you get results from it
      Then escalate ...
      Good advice. Taking a course alone will get you nowhere. It's the action which will get you places. Investing in a course along with action can be even better.
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    Hi, Mark Ling shares very good contents in affiliate marketing, keywords, etc . You might want to compare CB Passive income before you decide..
    Money On Demand by Ewen Chia
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    There are 100s of courses out there. All the Three People you have mentioned are established names in the IM World. So each one would teach their own strategies and insights that helped them to become a millionaire.

    What you need to do is think about what are your goals with IM?

    Everyone I have asked so far about this question have told me only one thing they are here to make money. This is true. We are all here in this to make money.

    But what happens is that 96% people fail in IM because they spend a lot of time gathering information and knowledge without taking real action. I have seen people enrol into all the three course and not be successful. In fact hearing so many failures and compounded with my own failures in IM between the years 2010 to 2015 made me write this article on Affiliate Marketing Failure. It covers all the reasons for failure as an individual in IM world.

    My success came from a coach and a program that gave me a coach along with the Program. In case you want to see that you can check it out at my website. The initial training of 21 Steps costed only $49 with a Bonus of 30 Days Traffic Training.

    The 21 Steps Training covered every thing you can do Online to create a Business, Build your Brand and Earn a Good Commission. The Traffic Training covers every known Traffic Generating Source on the Internet.

    Yes if you want to earn some big commissions then there is Advanced Trainings Available that Cost more but you will learn everything about them in that 21 Step Training.

    Another BONUS you get is a Coach for $49 throughout the Training. He or She is available at every step so that you can discuss any challenges you have. This was the best part I liked because my coach actually showed me things that I had not learned in 5 years trying free as well as paid stuff. He pointed me to the right resources. He showed me the right books & videos. Every step of the way he made my life easier.

    In fact after finishing my training I was immediately able to get a sale within 45 days of completing all my trainings.

    Point is it does not matter which training you prefer. All the three people you have mentioned are great or the training I have gone through is good. Your success depends on your actions. So if you spend 2 hours learning something. Then immediately spend 2 hours to implement whatever you can from the training.

    It may be writing your goals. It may be reading something. It may be writing an email. Whatever is mentioned in the Training.

    Hope you find the Right Training.

    Stay Focused. Stay Rich.
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      Hello Amit,would like to know about the course you had.Is it still available?
      Can you gimme the link/details?
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    You can also check out the multiple streams of income it's better than all those courses

    Make $100 to $500 a day by trading bitcoin free video. Watch a free video and start earning with your bitcoins today

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    Here's the "best course"...it's just like the "best" exercise...the one that you will DO.

    Almost anything will work if you stick with it long enough and continue to test and tweak it.

    But let's get to the real question you're asking here:

    "Which course will guarantee me a return on my investment and money coming in?"

    Sorry: none of them. No guarantees in business or life.

    Pick the one that you will DO, and get doing.
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    Originally Posted by ravi8130 View Post

    Wonderful insight...thank you for your contribution

    Anyway, I have gone with some 'local flavor' like fellow Warrior Paul Nicholls and some of his products at Warrior Plus and Jv Zoo.
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    Having goals is great, but having built many businesses online and having moved many offline businesses online - two more important pieces of advice:

    1. Understand the different business models - how money is actually made online...selling your own products (digital products, courses, advice, consulting, etc..); selling other people's products (either resell digital products or physical products as an affiliate, partner or through licenses); advertising (attract eyeballs and sell ad space); influence (money paid via eyeballs captured on social platform)

    Once you understand the key business models then...

    2. Match your skills and strengths with the business model that appeals to you the most...many people jump into a certain business online (affiliate marketing, CPA, digital marketing, ad monetization, etc...) through being influenced by someone else without giving a second thought as to how they would drive, grow, scale and LIVE with that business for months and years to come. Nothing wrong with eventually expanding to multiple money models by the way - but you do want to start with 1-core strategy and you should know that when you begin building your business.

    For instance, we help people develop and launch their own digital products - for most this is a highly valuable business that leverages their time/energy and can scale easily as you grow your results. For some people though, they just don't jive with that business/lifestyle - so they charge off in another direction.

    Always good to go in with your eyes wide open :-)
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    I would have to say that you should check out affilorama.
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    Anik Singal is the best imho.

    Cause it provides also web based platform, software and a comprehensive coverage of most aspects and it's focused mostly in email marketing, which is what really matter most.

    I mean: you have to learn to make money by sending emails, called email marketing system.


    Cause google can slaps you back, Facebook can ban your advertising account, but once you have a list it's yours, and you dont have to repeat all from scratch.

    Obviously you have to constangly improve your marketing arsenal, constanlty re-engage users, constantly being redundant with your valuable content.
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    Hey how are you today?

    Affiliorama is great, deadbeat super affiliate is great and also john crestani has a really good program and YouTube channel both very useful!

    Also though what might work for someone else might not work for you... just keep that in mind!
    ====>READY To Be Successful Online? FIND OUT more!?<====
    You FAIL online because you have the WRONG information.....
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    Don't wast your time learning to much. All you really need is a high converting product. Buy traffic, best solo ads. Let the followup messages from your autoresponder do the rest. That's all you need to know. As more you know as more confusing it gets and more distrcted you'll get and you'll start buying things you don't need.
    This system gave me my best PROFITS. Pays 100% commissions, shows how to get traffic for Pennies.The BEST the income grows on autopilote.

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      Originally Posted by lobo22 View Post

      Don't wast your time learning too much.
      That's a great point. But if you're really a newbie, then the rest of your comment might not have much meaning.

      What are Solo Ads?
      What's an Auto-responder, some kind of transformer?

      So it really depends on how "new" you are. I'll double down on affilorama, simply because I think its so well organized, and gives you that education you need without overwhelming you, and yet, if you follow through with it, you'll know heaps more than most people because of your experiences.

      Originally Posted by lobo22 View Post

      As more you know as more confusing it gets and more distracted you'll get and you'll start buying things you don't need.
      This is true, and that's the exact reason Jason K's admonition is so important - the course you'll actually do is the best one. Of course, if you're unsure what to do, that's when you're vulnerable to trying to "learn too much," and why you asked in the first place

      Dive in with one of the courses you asked about, and follow through!

      Best regards
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    I think there is a lot of value from JVZOO I don't know why people never mention it often you can register for JVZOO.
    JVZOO Academy + One Upsell I recommend 60 Days mastery.
    you need not go for other upsells which will give you an insight of how people actually get leads from creating courses, Softwares.
    Finally, build a list of your customer, affiliate market to your list.
    I came to know this after paying money for high-ticket courses.
    ALL Course owners do the similar stuff .
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