What membership solution would you recommend to me?

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Straight to the point:

I'm looking for an online solution to build membership sites. The requirements are quite specific. Maybe some of you have already solved such a puzzle and can recommend something? Or at least write what you use.

Requirements/our needs:
1) built-in EU-VAT handlig and affiliate system
2) or with clickbank payment gateway (they handle EU-VAT and there's an affiliate system)
3) I want only customers who have paid to have access to the membership. ClickBank alone doesn't provide such an option. Anyone with thank-you-page link can register and I'm afraid that people can share the link. So automatic verification would be very convenient.

I do not want to bother myself with my own hosting/site, wordpress, plugins, etc... (1. I'm not technical and 2. european data protection requirements are very complex).

I need a solution that will handle technical issues and VAT. So I can concentrate on selling

I will be grateful for any tips!

PS. So far I have found an option ClickBank+GetResponse integration but is't a bit expensive for a start (CB fees + GR fees + affiliate share + taxes).
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    Get the instamember plugin installed from fiveer
    This system gave me my best PROFITS. Pays 100% commissions, shows how to get traffic for Pennies.The BEST the income grows on autopilote.

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    If you want something that can do ANYTHING then Digital Access Pass is the only one I've used that is capable.

    But you do have to host it yourself and it's technically challenging. Membermouse is way easier to use.

    For a hosted version, Teachable or Thinkific might be what you need.

    Mind you, Teachable isn't really for marketers - it's lacking A LOT of stuff we take for granted. It is easy to use and makes life a lot easier.

    Thinkific is very good, but the member management isn't as good as it could be.

    Clickfunnels can do a lot too, but I've heard that recurring billing doesn't always work and I know people who have lost money with it.

    I don't think there is a 100% perfect solution out there.

    But the day that Selz starts a membership option, is the day I well might drop every other platform I'm using.
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    Thank you all for your ideas.

    WishList and instamember are WordpRess plugins. At this point, ensuring security of client's personal information is getting too complicated for me. Same with Digital Access Pass.

    Teachable looks looks promising I don't know Thinkific but I'll check it right away.

    And thank you for the feedback on Clickfunnels. Very useful. Now I know that there is no point in risking.

    I keep searching.
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