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Have you ever used this? What's your experience with this tool?
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    That should tell you 2 things:
    1. Nobody has used it.
    2. Anybody who has used it hasn't seen your post or just didn't want to reply.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
    Visit my site for more info

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    I canceled my subscription as I did not think it was worth the monthly cost. It did excel at times in creating well-written exercise equipment reviews, but that is not my main niche.
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    I've subscribed a few times and really want it to work, simply because I need something like this. Sometimes it's ok on very specific topics, but too often the articles are very poor, badly written and full of mistakes. Very often it goes completely off topic.

    I would never put these on my main sites but often they're so bad I won't put them on my PBN either. Just cancelled another subscription because it's easier to write my own which kind of defeats the object.

    There's a really good system somewhere here but I keep getting frustrated with Article Forge, will keep checking back as they update it though.

    Just looking at a similar service called Articoolo which has produced better articles for me on initial testing.
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    Once, in past week I go to its website and want to use this content creator tool but I want to try it first for 1 week. And they have 5 days trial but asking to add my credit card details to trial their product. So, I close the tab. This is my personal experience with article forge.
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