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Ok, here's the thing.

I've bought a basic hosting plan. Built my site, doing my thing, getting some traffic and writing content. Since the first website is stable and just need maintance, i figured i should start another one!

GREAT! Let's get the addon and... oh wait, the basicl plan doesn't include addon domains. That's fine, i'll just upgrade the account. It'll cost what? Another 50$ at most?

Well, NOOOO. It costs 100$. Yup.

I contact support and speak to a bot-like person, who tells me the exact same information (AFTER asking me for my *plain text* last 4 digits of my password, which as a newbie i gave away).

And i am basically stuck. I don't care for 50$, but it doesn't even makes sense.

What would you guys do?

Thank you.
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    Normally you can just switch plans and pay the difference. You sure you asked to switch to the correct plan? Because the $100 doesn't make sense after looking at their website.

    Edit: looking at their site again, you probably got the price for the pro plan. The plus plan should cost about $30 to change to.
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      Yeah, i'll look into that.

      The assistant pre-made my cart and i just noticed that there's a fee for "back-up pro" for 35$ that i didn't ask.
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    I'd keep the Bluehost, then for the other domains just go with another webhosting company. You will find that in one way or another..... most of the webhosting services are like this. Not all though.
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    Wait till they tell you that you are taking up too much space and slowing their server. Blue Host are the worst - all they want is money. Been with them just over a year, but will cancel and move somewhere else.
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