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Hi Guys,

I've decided that I want to learn about Affiliate Marketing, i know I know, its a long process, complex and many of you would tell me that I need to do my research, read read read and invest. No problem.

I stumble upon Affilorama website and wanted to ask the experts here what do you think of the AffiloBlueprint step-by-step "how to" course? Is it worth it? I know i need to learn skills such as skills automation process, also email Marketing, landing pages etc

Any advise I can get from you Id truly appreciate it as I am a total newbie (hopefully not for too long)

Have a fantastic day!

Thank you
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    anyone? Thank you
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    I've gone through Affilablueprint and I would suggest going through the free Affilorama course first. Affilablueprint is a course on setting up niche websites and promoting niche affiliate products. You can learn almost all you need to know in the free Affilorama course. If you really like this model then you can invest in the paid course.

    The problem with niche sites, in my opinion, is they take a lot of time. You have to put a lot of content on your site and drive a lot of targeted traffic to your site. This means setting up a Facebook fan page and getting a lot of engagement with FB fans. Setting up Instagram, Pinterest if it makes sense, and a YouTube channel.

    If you want to get traffic quicker be prepared to spend money on Facebook ads and boosting posts.

    The niche site model will work but it takes a lot of time and work to get it profitable. If this interests you I highly suggest you pick a niche that you are very interested and knowledgeable about because you're going to be spending a lot working in this niche.
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    I suggest enrolling for DigitalDeepak online courses, A beginner can truly understand the concepts of digital marketing in an efficient manner. You can visit this website [learn.digitaldeepak.com]
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