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hello marketers, i'm new to email marketing and i'm considering buying inbox blueprint. so my question is inbox blueprint the best email marketing system out there? i mean i'm from the philippines and i cant really find any one that i can look up to for advise let alone someone that is using inbox blueprint. i just wanna know if it's a really good system and will i get good results if i just follow the system to a T. thnx in advance for the answers
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    You can get all the information in the course either for much less or for free.
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    Honestly, it's a solid course - I bought it back in March after Reading Jeff Lenney's review, here.

    I put my first campaign together, build my squeeze page, my giveaway, my OTO (upsell) and ended up making $60 profit my first day after starting!

    (Just to be fair, I didnt START until I was 4-5 weeks into the course, as there is a lot to digest and I wanted to learn as much as possible before I started)

    Edit: Since March, I've been earning about $500 per WEEK with my email lists, and that's slowly starting to grow as I find more products to promote, and add more people to my list!

    Anyway, 2 thumbs up from me!


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    hey thnx for the review, i've been reading the circle of profit so i'm still learning the course. have you already moved to phase 2?
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    Thanks for the thread,was going to ask WF about inbox blueprint.
    Following this now for more info.
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      if you want to know more about inbox blueprint anik's is offering his ebook on inbox blueprint for free i'm reading it right now and his really explaining his system to a T. i suggest you read it to
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