Traffic bug - Is it any good?

by yves
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I tried to do a bit of research on the forum before creating a thread for this socialbookmarking thing but was getting all the posts from someone called trafficbug.

One of my pet hates for IM'ing is social bookmarking, it almost put me off altogether at the beginning but thankfully I stayed with it. The thing is I don't like to have automation for backlinks as I know it can hurt insead of help but seen as how they were singing traffic bug's praises on the 30 day challenge and how I hate socialbookmarking, I thought I would allow myself this one luxury.

Obviously, though, I have to run it by you guys first for some advice on how to go.

Hope this thread will help others who are also swithering whether to get it or not. It's about $25 a month which is pretty good if it's gonna save quite a bit of time.

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    I used the 30day challenge traffic bug free trial and I don't really see any results from it. You might be better off using something free like only wire. Traffic bug does take some work, such as writing descriptions and titles for each article you submit. I don't like it much!
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      I've joined traffic bug.

      It's simple to use.

      I'm still on trial. And I'll give you one reason to give it a chance?

      Ed Dale.

      How many bad programs has Ed recommended?

      Exactly none.

      Traffic bug says it will take approximately two months to start seeing results.

      I know. Everyone wants to see overnight results.

      This is different.

      I'm not giving a ringing endorsement but so far, no complaints.



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        Thanks for your replies, I appreciate it.

        I have been using trafficbug for a few weeks and one of my websites that was lurking around page four is now at page one, but this could be due to other work I am doing for it. That's why I am in a quandary.

        I would've thought that Ed from the 30 day challenge wouldn't promote something rubbish so that's why I was wanting to give it a go but after some of the replies I don't think I will.

        The other thing is, I havn't had any emails from scialbookmarking and directories saying that they have received my submission so that is even more weird.

        Could we make this thread also about any socialbookmarking/directory automation submission tools that they recommend?

        I suppose socialbookmarker is better than going through them all separately. I have never really managed to get onlywire to work for some reason.

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    My personal experience is that it's not one of those tools that one cannot absolutely live without. (That and 2 Cents won't buy much)
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