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I purchased PressPlay over a month ago and want to give my thoughts on it so far.

PressPlay Overview:
PressPlay is essentially a video player that allows you to share or email gate the video (similar to Wistia's Turnstyle), as well as a CTA option. You can place those gates at any point in the video. It also has branching. Meaning you can ask the visitor questions and direct them to a specific video based on that question. It's a pretty awesome idea. And I really want to love the product.

The problem is it's been a buggy, with one bug making it unusable.
• You have the ability to add a thumbnail, which doesn't work at the moment.
• I bought it, expecting it to work with Vimeo (because the sales page says it will), but evidently Vimeo changed their API "recently" and it doesn't work with no timeline on fixing it.
• And the big one I just found out yesterday, fortunately before promoting a video, is iphones tend not to be shown the gate. The video will pause when it's supposed to, but the email form doesn't show. Worse yet, they can just hit play and the video continues without being required enter their email.

I have seen posts on here by Mark Thompson, so it would be nice if he sees this and addresses these issues or makes them a priority... at least the iphone issue. Since it has such a high market share, it makes PressPlay completely unusable.

I have reached out to their support and they tend to respond within 24 hours, but to date, none of the issues I've brought up have been resolved.

I bought the annual membership and my refund period has ended, but I can guarantee if these issues aren't fixed I won't be renewing next year.
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