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I was amazed to see that the owner of Xsite Pro still has the cheek to leave his website up. Basically taking peoples money under false pretences. There was a time when it was good software but is so outdated now and would not hold a candle to software and packages like the type supplied by Thrive Themes (and no I am not an affiliate). As far as I know Xsite Pro collapsed after the owner was ill.
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    I'm surprised to see a live 'buy' link on that page. Paul S closed XSitePro some time ago - he notified XSP users several times.

    After his illness he tried to sell the software to someone who would continue development and support. However, with Wordpress becoming 'big' it no longer made sense to keep XSP going, I guess.

    I still miss it - had both versions and built (literally) hundreds of sites with it. Oh well, things change and you move on.

    No software is going to be 'permanent'. There are thousands of sites online with sales pages for products that have been defunct for years...nothing new, there. Too bad development of the WWW did not include 'expiration' dates for inactive sites.

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