Is click bank university worth it?

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Has anyone taken the clickbank university? is it worth the price and have you had significant income results?
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    Personally, I haven't but I've heard mixed things from those that have. The things I've been hearing often are that the courses are often too general and not specific enough to follow.

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    whats that, really i also heard first time
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    Not yet! But heard it is Awesome. Cant wait Get response was Great!!

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    Originally Posted by chpenny View Post

    Has anyone taken the Clickbank university? is it worth the price and have you had significant income results?
    I have bought the first version of this training program. But not the new one you are talking about here.

    But, from what I have seen in the previous version, the courses are for complete newbies. If you already know the basics of affiliate marketing and internet marketing, I wouldn't really recommend getting it.

    What it is good for is getting the right guidance step by step and in order. Because, when you learn on your own by doing your research, you don't really know what you should do first and in what order, right.

    So, such training programs (like CB university), put all of the same information you can find online for free in the right order for you and walk you through everything step by step. That's all, really.

    You get what I mean?

    Hope this helps!
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    You can find the same information for free if you just dig deep and do some research. You should be doing that everyday, all day anyway. That's how you truly make it.
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    Originally Posted by chpenny View Post

    Has anyone taken the clickbank university? is it worth the price and have you had significant income results?
    My advice is to do some research on Google and You Tube as you will find a lot of good information there also you will see some horror stories of how it all went pear shaped for some
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    The value of any course is generally going to be beneficial depending on your knowledge and level of expertise. That's something only you can decide. Yes, take a look at some reviews, but remember that these are usually the reflections of marketers that have their own perspectives, knowledge and values.

    Some courses, particularly the less expensive ones, might explain much, but not all, and you could be induced to go on to another level at a higher price. There's nothing particularly unscrupulous about this. It's called an upsell and is generally regarded as a good business strategy.

    Some of this will depend on your budget, of course, but keep in mind that searching the net all day for free advice is not only time-consuming, it can detract from the time invested in actually making money.

    At the end of the day, you're on your own here. Some courses might resonate and inspire, while others you'll consider a waste of time. If I had one bit of advice it would be to remember that the 97% of affiliate marketers fail is not because of the quality of a particular course. It is because a lot of marketers, looking for a quick fix, bounce from one strategy to another without sticking to a plan.
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    I've already started affiliate marketing, created a FB group in the health niche and a review website...however still missing dilemma is that i really don't know what step to take next to gain more knowledge or to take more action. I've taken blogging course, affiliate marketing course and KDP publishing course on Udemy.
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    Maybe hire a mentor?
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      Originally Posted by toydistrict View Post

      Maybe hire a mentor?
      Why, what will a mentor do for you


      A bar of iron cost $5. Made into horseshoes, it's worth $12. Made into needles, it's worth $3500. Made into balance springs for watches, it's worth $300,000. Your value is determined by what you are able to make of yourself

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        Get you ready to hire a mentor, who will help you hire a mentor who will help you decide whether to buy click bank university?

        Originally Posted by agmccall View Post

        Why, what will a mentor do for you

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    however still missing something.
    Could that be traffic?

    Traffic is the challenge for most, the rest is easy.

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    You can try premium affiliate forum instead.
    Like : affplaybook or stackthatmoney
    Their you will get ton of fresh info from the people who are actually making money with aff marketing.
    Best of luck !
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    ok, thanks! so the warrior forum is just for people dabbleing in affiliate marketing/entrepreneurship?

    What about the ''warrior room'' there more actionable info. there?
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    Most of the people buy courses for not applying anything.

    There's no any magick trick in affiliate marketing: you can easily found all the infos in the thank you page of my signature after opted in, or elsewhere, both for free

    The problem is what you really doing, how much time and effort you can CONSISTENCY put.

    In fact you have basically do these things:

    1 identify a niche and build a list around it.

    2 give content, engage users

    3 sell to that list.

    But all these points have a lot of struggle to put in, are not so 'easy' or fast to learn.

    Once you stick to the plan, whatever plan, the most important aspect is: your CONSISTENCY
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      How do you work on #2 ...engage users?

      and how to sell to that list, how do i set up a list? with my FB group and wordpress blog?
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    I have taken the first few training classes. The two guys that do the presentations seem to never get to the point. There are upsales which is annoying. It isn't actually a CB enterprise as much as it is a way top promote the presenters themselves. I bailed after a few lessons. I didn't even ask for a refund.
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