Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 by James Scoles questions

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Kind of a beginner in the IM field and would like to ask some questions about EWF 2.0 to those Warriors who purchased the program and have, and are, still using it. I've read some of the reviews here, which are good about EWF 2.0, but would like to know:

1) Were you successful using the program when you began using it?
2) Are you still using the program and scaling it up for more profits?
3) Can this program become saturated with to many users of the program?

I have been burned in the past (I think we all have had that experience) and am just trying to find a legitimate program to follow that I can start and scale it up to wherever I want to go with it. In plain english, a program that will point me in the right direction with step-by-step directions if I put in the time and effort to achieve my goals.

Thanks for reading and your help.

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