Any recommendations for FREE PDF creators (other than open office)?

by BJ Min
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i use open office and it's great...but sometimes it doesn't
always show up like the microsoft word documents...

any recommendations for FREE PDF creators
that is fully compatible with microsoft word docs...

- also ones that keep the WEB links active (once it creates pdf)?

if anyone knows, please post here...

appreciate it much...

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    This is the best I've worked with:

    Nitro PDF Professional 6.0 - Free Download

    It has a 14 trial period so you can decide for your self if you want to buy. Like I said...this the program I use to convert doc files into pdf's.

    Hope this helps.
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    Try Google Docs, export to PDF.

    That will do it.

    Best wishes
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      BJ Min, I have used PDFCreator for many years. It keeps your links intact and does a good job of making your document look the way you intended.

      You can get it here: PDFCreator | [ or ]

      Once you click to download it, you'll be redirected to SourceForge where it actually resides.

      One thing to note about installing it: unless the creators have changed this, you will be given an option to install a TOOLBAR.

      Uncheck everything related to this toolbar carefully.
      I don't know why they thought it a good idea to include another aggravating toolbar! Otherwise, the program is great, forever free, and just works.

      Another free pdf creator I used successfully for some time is PrimoPDF ( I haven't used it in the last year or so. I think I stopped using it because it did not keep my hyperlinks intact, especially when I was creating PDFs from MSWord. Still, it is free and otherwise does a good job.

      You probably already know this . . . Lastly, the current versions of both MSWord and have the PDF capability built in. Version 3 of OpenOffice does a decent job of keeping tables and graphics in their place when converting to PDF (that it didn't do a good job in earlier versions was why I started using PDFCreator). I also use MSWord 7 which has much better support for pdf creation than it used to.

      Of course, if you need PDFs created from other software, like your web browser, etc., PDFCreator works great.

      Hope this helps.

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    Cute PDF. Free and it works. Our entire company uses it.
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    I've been using CUTEPDF for about 6 months.
    Highly satisfied with it. (Of course, its FREE).
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    i think im going to try it,iv been hoping to get one myself
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