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Anyone know of a software that will search for monetized videos in YouTube by keywords.
I know there are a couple but they are monthly. So I don't want veeroll or the latest one, can't seem to find it now anyway that is being pitched on some webinars.
I am looking for a one time purchase option.
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    If you really want it, and if you really care about your business - and not for the sake of a monthly payment - you will buy the monthly priced ones. You gotta ask yourself if you really want a successful business or not. Purchasing is risky, but once you purchase it, you get to see answers to the questions that have been lurking in your mind for weeks about a particular product or marketing model.
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      I do care about my business which is exactly why I look for one time investment software products rather than paying for them monthly. If the one time is something I am going to use on a regular basis and the cost spread out over at least one year is less than paying monthly then it kind of makes good business sense.
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    Have you tried video marketing blaster? It'll get you profitable keywords, their search results and the specific keywords they used both in the title and description to rank high on YouTube
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      I have VMB but it does not have a search function to tell you which videos are monetized in YT so you can run pre roll ads over them That is what I am looking for. I found Tube driller but I am not sure if it is still an active and maintained site. waiting on a support email to come back to confirm.
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    i don't think that there is a software like that
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    • Do you want to download YouTube playlists or videos?
      you can try
      just copy the link from your browser and click "Paste Link" in the application.
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