Has anybody had any success with Reward Mailer.

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This mailer claims to send your email ad to the top safelists online up to 370,000 recipients. Cost is $93 for one mailing. If anyone has any reviews, please let me know
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    I was about to get involved with Reward Mailer-----------------have you done any better
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    Hey Thanks for Showing Reward Mailer, I am going to try it, I have had success with safe list in the Past with growing my list, But if this person can send my landing page to all these safe lists for me that will be great!

    Let's see what happens?
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    I am not a member of Reward Mailer, but I am an upgraded member of every one of the safe-lists that it mails to.

    To become an upgraded member in each one of his safe-lists, it would cost you upwards of $2000 or so. A one time mailing for $93 to all of those sites (he must manually send your one ad out) is in my opinion not worth it, unless you have some sort of revolutionary offering of some sort.

    For safe-lists to become profitable, they must be mailed on a LARGE scale daily to brand your name and offering...and then maybe MAYBE you will make some money in the safe-list advertising niche.
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    One thing you can possible do, for testing purposes, is create a free account for each one of the ad sites Reward Mailer mails to. Spend a week or so clicking for free credits, and then send your best swipe copy through each one of the ad sites.

    Also make a note of any one time offers that are presented to you in case you want to redeem it at a later time, with a brand new account.

    You can send a unique tracking link to each ad site if it doesn't offer back end tracking. Also, create a column for each to keep track of how many you send to, how many clicks you get, and also the cost to yearly upgrade or lifetime.

    Whether you wish to proceed after, paying for Reward Mailer's service or not, you will at the very least begin to accumulate an effective ad campaign that will benefit you ongoing.
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