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Does anyone know anything about Konnektive (KON) which is a CRM?

My client is switching to this CRM from first Infusionsoft, then LimeLight.

I was shocked to find out that the account manager never told him or his tech guy on the call that there's a huge charge for implementing 3D Secure.

I only found out by happenstance when he told 3D Secure's tech guy he can't give him any info because the client hasn't paid YET.

Anyway, they want $3,500-5,000 just to set up 3D Secure.

When checking with Limelight, they don't charge a dime, you just go into your account & click on a button.

So now I'm questioning why if KON is so great, they don't have 3D Secure already built into the backend & are charging each customer to create the API from scratch.

Not to mention it's almost 3 weeks waiting time.

My customer wants it & is willing to pay the price, but I'm not thrilled with the way things have gone down so far & I'm here to look out for my client.

So my questions are:

1. Who here has used LimeLight & Konnektive & which do you like better.

2. Do you find KON to be ethical?

3. Any additional thoughts?

Thanks a ton
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