Magic Article Rewriter compared with Mass Article Creator

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Hey all I've been testing out Magic Article Rewriter and like it, but I've also seen Mass Article Creator. I was wondering if anyone had used both and if so could comment. I have been chatting with Alexandr (creator of MAR) and like how fast he gets back to me. Still, I would like to at least try MAC before I make a final decision. Is there a trial for it?
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    I have both although I have,kt given them a good test drive yet. Just bought MAR yesterday but am having problems with regsistering the accounts etc in the submitter. Have contacted support and am sure it is something that can be sorted out.

    From what I have seen so far I would say Magic article rewriter is much better and has far better press over all when you look about. If I can get this submitter to work properly it'll be a great tool.. If it brings some good results from the submissions.

    I props won't use MAC. Just bought it to have a nosey, with me being in the article creation game BUT I will probably use Magic Article Rewriter once I get to grips with it and definately the submitter.

    See what other have to say about this.
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      Originally Posted by AndyBlackSEO View Post

      I have both although I have,kt given them a good test drive yet. Just bought MAR yesterday but am having problems with regsistering the accounts etc in the submitter. Have contacted support and am sure it is something that can be sorted out.
      The trick with the account verification part is to run it a few times. Each time it activiates more directories. Just keep doing it until you get nothing.

      I find that 7 or 8 times gets as many as possible. A minor pain, but still gets done in a fraction of the time it would take to do it manually.

      If this wasn't the issue you were referring to, then obviously disregard this post.

      All the best
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        I just bought MAR/MAS yesterday as well, and I think the reason some accounts don't get created is that the software is set to a default of 25 simultaneous threads. So it's created 25 accounts at the same time, and that causes some errors/skips. So you can do it several times, or reduce the number of threads which seemed to help.

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      I have looked into both but haven;t purchased them yet. I guess the cost is a hold back for me. I really don't know how really unique these articles will be.

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    Thanks guys. bobius, a friendly heads-up. Warrior Forum doesn't allow affiliate links like the on you have in your sig. It has to be your own site.
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    Hi There...

    You know I have Mass Article Control and Submitter ... gotta say that I have not really liked using it. Perhaps my expectations were different about what the product was supposed to do but the results of the article creation process were disappointing and frustrating. The submission process didn't really work as well as I thought it would either - I found it a bit cumbersome to set up and not everything got submitted - I ended up taking my original article and submitting by hand -

    Still, I have nothing to compare MAC to but it was frustrating enough that I never wanted to use it again. I do have a feeling that my own understanding of what the product was supposed to be able to do was either not clear OR the expectations of the sales letter were more hyped than the reality when I used the product.
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    I agree with the last poster about mac in the sense that it was kind of over hyped. I'm not saying that there isn't a good way to use the software but they definately put an extra spin on it. As far as marketing a product, adeel and bobby are masters. That's how they have cashed in so well.

    I do thinks it's like any other software though, as in if you know how to use it properly... Or find a good way in which to use it then you'll do ok with it. I do think that with MAR, MAC and My own AWP there aren't any super quick ways to use them that will yield good results. You need to invest some time to work them to your advantage. They're not one click solutions but work well in the right hands.
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    There is no comparison. Hands down Magic articler rewriter is a much better and valuable program. MAC was all fluff.
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    Hawksurfer (how cool of a name is that?) I've bought and used both and not only are the articles unique they are human readable because you are the one rewriting the paragraphs and picking out the synonyms to work with. And you can add to the library over time. There is a WSO where you can get both for $70. And if you email his support page, or PM him here, alexandr will give you a 5 day trial.

    I can tell you that the support is very fast both during the week and weekends. Here's the link to the WSO. Highly recommended.
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    I really wanted to know the comparison between the two and I found this thread from google. It was fantastic to know WF is getting indexed so fastttt....

    It feels great to know that other people are discussing what I want to know.

    BTW, Alex is offering a special synonym software called "magic tokens database" which automatically puts synonyms for each word that is in his database within each article. I just saw the video and I must say I was about to hire someone else for spinning the content but here the "tokens database" seems exciting. He needs volunteers to clean the tokens database and I just applied for one position. Lets hope this stuff really gets article marketers moving ahead in a flash.

    I have power article rewriter and wanted to know what do you guys think about it. Anyone used it? I have MAC as well and it gives 1000 completely readable articles so I'm impressed with that one at least. Used Adeel's MAS but it didn't submit even one article properly.. I have never done article marketing before so I am not the person to comment on the same..

    It works for quite a few people and I must say Mass Article Creator sounds exciting though would love to see Alex's stuff.. I'm all but excited about his stuff as well.
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    Mass Article Creator not as great as magic Article Rewriter...
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    MAR blows away MAC. Not even in the same league. Sorry Bobby and Adeel but MAC was all fluff compared to MAR.
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    I have MAC and MAR...

    Used both of them...

    The results...

    MAR wins...
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    Comparing MAC to MAR is like taking a BMW on a race with a Lamborghini, the BMW can never win which in this case, MAR is clearly the winner! Of course, the skill of the driver play a vital role too which in this case, your writing skill. But if we just take on the raw power of the machine and technology alone, clearly, the winner will be MAR.


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    Can you direct me to a place where i can get a free trial for Magic Article Rewriter?
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      I have used or tested most of the software out there. MAR/MAS by Alexsander Krulik is by far the best and easiest to work with and gives great results.

      And, I had a small issue and hit reply on my receipt. Alexsander replied instantly! That's cool!

      George Kosch

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      I have tried Mass Article Creator and the junk article it puts out is not worth the $70. Some of the synonyms it used made the sentence sound like it made no sense. I would just say buy a package of PLR and rework them yourself. You will get much better results from that. I have a package of 500 plr articles if anyone is interested. My name is Shon and you can email me or pm me anytime.
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        I have to give to Magic Article Rewriter. Just don't get the Magic Tokens which is a $37 add on. It just spits out nonsense.

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          Originally Posted by Steller View Post

          I have to give to Magic Article Rewriter. Just don't get the Magic Tokens which is a $37 add on. It just spits out nonsense.

          Hi Steller,

          I also have both and IMO, the Token DB is helpful but needs a fair bit of cleaning up. It does pump out some rubbish, but if you go thru and clean things up (and update it while doing it), you will get some great results.

          For me, it's a tool to produce a spun article from PLR in 30-60 sec. Not too bothered about the quality of grammar (since I can do that manually) - it's just a kickstart to re-writing content that is MUCH quicker than the alternatives.

          Of course, if you write your own spin syntax, you SHOULD get a much better result anyway.

          I like MAR in general - although there are a few things I would change/modify. It's a great tool. No comment on MAS yet, since I haven't had time to use it yet. Later for that one.


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        I agree. It is easier with better quality just to rework them. Well, till something better comes along.

        Richard L. Dickinson
        To Your Success.

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  • Magic Article Rewriter is hands down the winner for me and I've used both...MAR just works so well.
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    mass article creator make me easy to spin my article become multiple times in just a few click,,:lol:
    i love this software,, but i havent use magic article writer
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    I have mas and I notice that when I used my domain email I have better success that using gmail
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    I tried MAR several weeks ago and finally decided to purchase it 10 hours ago. I waited for several hours for the activation key (as what I have told to do so), not thinking that I can activate it right after being launched.

    I think the real comparison is between MAR and thebestspinner. I like MAR because of the one time payment and the ability to work offline. I also like the idea that I can add my own tokens. Overtime, I can build my own sets of synonyms which are extremely targeted to the type of articles I'm working. While thebestspinner offers a huge thesaurus database, but paying $77 is a major drawback, at least for me.

    Hopefully the magic tokens will be updated from time to time and won't cost that much. Just add $10 and it's like purchasing another MAR license.
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