Is Personal Coaching Worth The Investment?

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Hey all,

I'm just getting back in the IM game after having been out for a few years. I'm definitely not a beginner, but I'm struggling on some of the steps. I know the framework for everything, just can't quite find the "secret" behind a few things.

My question is, in your experience have you found it beneficial to hire someone for one-on-one help? Obviously it can vary from coach to coach, but in general do they actually show you what to do and truly achieve the goals they claim? I know personal coaching is pretty expensive, so I want to know that it's going to be worth it. I've seen every general course under the sun, but they all typically leave out the "secret sauce." I need that secret sauce.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this.
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    Yes, you can hire someone for one-to-one help and it is in fact great. You can hire some freelancer who can teach you and guide you as well. Workrockers, Upwork, Guru, etc are great platforms to hire someone for this.
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    If you hire a coach you patiently bond with, and trust, 100% of the time it is worth it. Paying for a professional's undivided attention for 1 hour is the best money you can spend. One of my clients said hiring me was the best $5 I mean $100 he ever spent. I helped him see mistakes he made that cut his learning curve by years. Now he sees greater success in months versus spending years struggling. I figure paying for good advice from a trusted source helps you take your gig seriously, accelerating your success.
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    Depending on too many variables to count, it can pay off well or be a total scam.

    Originally Posted by bdunndchi View Post

    I've seen every general course under the sun, but they all typically leave out the "secret sauce." I need that secret sauce.
    If it's secret sauce you are looking for, I think you are going to be disappointed.

    Are you doing all the boring, general stuff yet to the best of your ability?

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    The real 'Secret Sauce' is HARD WORK, DISCIPLINE, FOCUS etc.

    There you go...just saved you a few bucks in coaching fees
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    Most coaches have NO IDEA what they are doing in my experience, and have branded themselves as coaches whilst knowing nothing.

    If you want a coach make sure they DO know what they are doing and can show you plenty of evidence (not fake screenshots!) they can show you what you want to do.
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    The easiest way to find out if they know their stuff is to have 15 minutes chat on the phone with them.

    I never commit any of my students to paying out until I've had this 15 minute phone call, then it's up to them if they want to engage any more on a fee paying basis.

    Also gives me enough info to decide if I want to continue with them.

    If a coach won't grant you that initial period...look for a different one.

    Making Calls To Sell Something? What are you actually saying?
    Is there any room for improvement? Want to find out?

    Say This Instead

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    tbh prolly this could be a real cool path, but I got no patience with people askin' stoopid questions.

    Plus also, better you get at this, less time you got to be personal -- less'n you jus' take on increasingly fewer people wanna pay out increasingly massive sums to have their vanity massaged by a highly finessed charlatan.

    Thing always to remember 'bout personal coaches is how their personal system is so often personal to them.

    An' unlike syphilis, it don't always transfer over so sweet an' easy from one moistened vestibule (ie the BRAIN) to another.

    See, cos we all diffrent, an' summa the best personal coachin' comes from creatin' yr own expertise on the fly.

    Wow, Princess --

    That Sounds Like My Kind of System!

    Gotta hope so.

    Thing always to bear in mind 'bout gurus is how their ability to think outside the box is inversely proportional to the precise horde numbers they got signin' up for personally tailored eu-frickin-reka.

    So What If You Were To Offer

    Personal Coaching
    EXCLUSIVELY TO ME, O Princess?
    I Mean ... Like How Much ...?

    You want I run with my yet-to-be-patented Eu-frickin-reka system in a way that perfectly segues trial run with ultimate offer?

    Aintchya heard how that kinda combo is sales nirvana?

    Like I Said, O Princess ...
    How Much?

    Hey, listen -- now you gettin' all kinda fired up an' pernickety, prolly I should float a figure here ... if only to stopya from foamin' at the mouth like a desperado.

    So let's say a thousand bux.

    Okay ... But For What?
    What Am I Getting Here?

    How in hell should I know less'n you ASK?

    Eu-frickin-reka Coaching
    So Singularly Personal, All You Gotta Do Is SHOW UP FIRST


    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff together.

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    Good idea.
    Coaching is one of the shortcuts you can take , make sure you hire some one Genuine.
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