Howie Scwartcz Blog Store Creator.

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I've seen this new product by Howie.

What's the thoughts of fellow Warrior on this opportunity.

Seems like a good offer if it works.

Blog Store Creator

Look forward to responses.
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    The basic idea behind it is sound, but you have to wonder why there's no guarantee. If these sites are going to make $3k a month, then (if I was building them), I'd be happy to take them back and keep the income. Sort of makes you wonder why someone would ever let them go for a fixed price. Heck, I'd give them away with the right to retain a percentage of the profits. (Hmmmm...nope, that doesn't work either, I'd rather have it all.)

    Their income shots show $3k a month, but later on they say $100 per site. That would be 30 sites, not the 4 or 10 they have as packages. Income is from 6 months ago. How about showing some QCP numbers?

    What about the included hosting? Unlimited bandwidth, disk space? Clean IPs? Multiple IPs? Or the domains--dot com? dot info? Brand new?

    Finally, who is Todd S. and why would I send him $X,XXX with no guarantee?

    These are just my questions from the sales page...didn't mean to sound harsh

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      Originally Posted by Art Turner View Post

      Finally, who is Todd S.

      If I'm not mistaken Todd S. is the hosting guy. One of the best people to go to host these sort of apps. I believe he's a Texan too
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    Hi Mark,

    It seems to be a bit pricey to me.

    Have you heard about the one Greg Jacobs (wpmage) is offering (or will be soon)? I was a beta tester for it and the two systems seem similar at first glance. However, with the mage system, you get the software PLUS you can automatically build as many sites as you want for one price ... I love it. My ebay income this month is set to go over $1000. That's awesome considering I'm only in the second full month. I just put the sites up and move on ... don't have to do anything else. The wpmage system also allows you to add overstock, adsense and amazon feeds. It also pulls content from several places.

    The blog store creator is probably a good system ... but I would hate to be limited to the number of stores I could create and if I wanted more, have to keep paying. The truth is some stores will be poor earners and some will be great earners. But you don't know that until you put them up. No one has a crystal ball -- so you have to put them up and move on to the next one. It might be nice to have someone "do all the work" but I'd rather be in control of my own destiny without having to keep paying the piper.

    Okay ... that's my assessment for what its worth. I honestly can't tell you anything about the inner workings of the blog store creator as I haven't tried it; my comments are based on reading the sales letter and watching the video. And, I admit to being prejudiced regarding wpmage because it is earning me money that I am in control of. By the end of a year I will be making 5k passive income per month based on my current activity - and "that ain't chicken feed!"

    Hope it helps.

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    Hi. I had the same question about this product. A correction here is necessary: you DO get the software with it, so you can make as many sites as you want. But its still a lot of money, and later on in the sales letter he gives examples of sites making $50 and just keep making them etc...this might mean (but it might not...) that $50/month is a more realistic target?

    I dont know, but I do like the idea of having the software, or some software, to create these kind of stores, esp. (like Howie's software does) when it makes the posts SEO optimised automatically.

    Does this soon-t-be-released 'Mage' thing do this by any chance? And is this also for wordpress?

    And does anyone else thing $1297 for 4 of those auto-amazon/ebay blogs + software (+ 100 SEOed niche themes) is good price or not?

    I always have the question, with this kind of price, "could I not spend this on adwords and, or even half of it, and have at least a couple of decent campaigns from that?

    Anyway, I think there might an alternative, I read about today. WP-robot might do a lot of the same stuff. Google it and see/decide for yourself!

    Good luck

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      actually Linda...

      how many sites did you put of to reach this $1000 in your 2nd month? And how much time did this cost you? Did you have to produce a lot of content yourself? It seems intriguing... I did put my name in the optin box so we'll see.


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          Did anyone else buy Howie Schwartz's Blog Store Creator apart from me? Has anyone made any money?

          I bought the deal on January 2 this year where he supplies me with 10 sites set up to go and I have the facility to build another 100 sites using his software for $1997.

          This is one of the sentences from the sales letter:-

          "Once we get your sites up and running, getting continuous traffic, and turning a profit, we'll then hand over the controls to you and you can let your sites run free by themselves and be confident they will still earn you income."

          Well, I haven't made a cent yet. I chose the niches I was interested in and they chose the domain names and registered .infos even though .coms were available. Todd S. assures me that .infos rank just as well. The sites were built but took 2-8 minutes+ to load. I know I don't live in the US but I don't have this problem with any other site. They now load faster and I have to take their word that they load OK in the US as they certainly are still far too slow here. The support is slow and I don't feel there is any point building my own sites if the ones they have built are not performing.

          No, there was no guarantee as Howie Schwartz does't like tyre-kickers! Silly me! I have met Howie on a couple of occasions when I have been in the US and bought on his reputation.

          Please, someone out there, tell me that this system does work and that I just need to be patient, or whatever! At the moment I feel that I am just being taken for a very long ride!
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    Well, I also purchased a block of 3 for $1,997 about 6-7 weeks ago. Within a few days, I saw the websites that were created and they looked quite good. There wasn't yet any affiliate links or other monetization, but I know that things take a bit of time to get everything together.

    However, it is now 6-7 weeks later and many, many emails and NONE of the websites are complete. What's more, trying to get an answer is almost impossible. It takes several days after sending an email before a reply comes... and I'm still waiting for an answer to my last email of three days ago.


    Jack Stacey

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      I purchased the Blogstore Creator in Oct. 2009. I bought the package for 30 stores and with the sales pitch that I wouldn't have to do anything and that with 30 stores I would definitely be making an income within a few months.

      Here is my list of complaints about this product and the people who own it/run it:

      1. It took over a month for Todd Spears and co. to get these stores up and running. And then we had to wait some more for the videos or go to to look at his previously created skimpy videos which really left you with yet more questions.

      2. When I applied for the hard to get eBay account, I received a text file from eBay with an embedded code I was supposed to copy and paste. As a newbie I had no idea how to do this and wrote to Diana at support for help. There was a time limit to get this done. I never got help from support and a few weeks later when Todd finally sent a video out with instructions as to how to do this, it was too late for me. To attempt to request membership from eBay a second time around was impossible. Since the bulk of the sales comes from eBay, this mistake on his part really upset me.

      3. The blogstores in Jan. suddenly went down. No letters of apology or anything to me. I just happened to check how they were doing and could not find them online. When I wrote Diana at support, she said they were working on it. A few weeks later, Todd sent out an email stating that they had been maliciously attacked and that the time we lost would be given to us and that they would make us 50 more blogstores free of charge. Videos would soon follow. (Nothing was ever said of this again and when I inquired about it I never got an answer.)

      4. I went through each of my 30 blogstores a few week's ago and found that most of them had issues: skimpy content, irrelevant content, few items, and only links to even though I had supplied Todd Spears with account info to my other affiliate accounts they were not included in the stores.

      Since then I have seen other blogstore products on the market that are much cheaper. I can't help but conclude that Howie overcharges and under delivers.

      I have saved all his videos from all his programs that I have bought and find that the presentation by his staff is somewhat clumsy and unprofessional. Too much time is wasted on "Hey dude, blah blah blah." while the apprentice, namely me, who has reserved her valuable time to listen to instruction, must also listen to a lot of chatter.

      I don't have anything much positive to say about this company.

      As a newbie I started with the IM Remarkable program in June-July 2009. Howie claims to overdeliver but you are left with so much information that you don't know really what to do with it. Some of it is outdated. And yes, there is too too much fluff. (self praise ad nauseum.)

      I took the IM Leadership4 course and found my coach to be practically useless. Whenever I had questions she just told me to google it. I personally met her in Oct. when I went to Howie's supposed last workshop. My coach pretty much avoided me wanting to steer clear of any questions I had. She had recently been hired and I think she just didn't have the answers.

      I want to say here that I kept a very tight correspondence with this people and saved everything. I am glad I did because after waiting 6 months for these stores to produce, I felt that it was a scam and requested a full refund. Only when I sent them a detailed step by step breakdown of how each store was not satisfactory, and with threats to go to FTC, YouTube, etc. did I get my full refund. Plus, I sent those sales pitch/sales letters periodically back to Howie to remind him that I did indeed save them and they too would be sent to the FTC and other relevant organisations including the 6 month thread of correspondence that I had saved.
      I got my full refund back about a week ago. I COUNT MYSELF VERY LUCKY since I envisaged a long battle with these guys.

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        Originally Posted by viviann View Post

        I purchased the Blogstore Creator in Oct. 2009. I bought the package for 30 stores and with the sales pitch that I wouldn't have to do anything and that with 30 stores I would definitely be making an income within a few months.
        Hi Viviann
        Congratulations on getting a refund! I have been asking for one if they are unable to meet their promises in their sales letter. Communication with them is slow and not very productive. The 10 "set up and forget" blogs they have set up for me over 2 months ago are not even indexed yet and have very skimpy information on them and are obviously a long way from producing a dime - or even a visitor!

        Three emails that I sent to Todd Shearer last week on 3 separate issues are still not answered. Unfortunately, I am unable to pm you as I haven't done enough posts but I would appreciate it if you could contact me on the following email - mikewatson0007@ (remove space!). Thanks!
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        No more posts, viviann? You were on a roll, and after other posts and links to threads here - it was yours that prompted me to close Howie's "Effortless Lead Gen" page. He did a webinar with Offer Vault tonight (Mark Roth) and there was a too good to be true offer. For a substantial amount of dough he would build your list for you, all the while with your Aweber, and your Clickbank id, and your Offermobi id.
        Did you all know that he owns Offermobi?

        I was having one of those 'tired of everything' days and was so tempted. There was a five day money back guarantee for Effortless Lead Gen. As I said, something seemed too good to be true and it was their diligence and delivery I was concerned with.

        I also remembered buying his Book Mark Generation, and a particular video that Howie had said on the sales page that he would include inside. To me that was a very necessary video since it was supposed to cover more in-depth rules on bookmarking than what most of us thought were required. I kept using the ticket system about it and all they did was apologize and offer me a few months to their boring group calls. Seems to me that it would have only taken maybe a couple of hours to produce that video.

        I have also purchased small items from him with upsells (or included) to his previous video training products, or bootcamps, that were totally full of fluff and were outdated.

        Since I was after the consensus on how Howie delivers. Thanks all.

        Hard to believe I forgot about being a member for so long.

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    I've been at 2 webinars for this guy's product. One was hosted by Howie and another by kris Tujillo I think. Anyway he showed how to make autoblogs really quick. He made 10 at a time in the dog niche. one was dog treats. the sites looked good. I didn't hear anything about a blog store and the implication to me was you built these sites yourself and as many as you wanted. The software was $1297 and you had to use his hosting co. He said that part could change in the future. Anyway, that was my take.
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    I used to respect Howie, but no more. After Mobile Money sites, supposedly totally done for you sites that promised money "gushing into your account", I am sure he is a total scam. He never even monetized the sites. They were not even constructed before the time of the money-back deadline, but they did not change the deadline. I have tried for 8 months to get a refund. After 10 months, they are still not monetized. After a year they will take over the sites, then you have paid the labor, then they will monetize them. Total fraud, and I do plan to report it to the FTA. The only thing real about this guy is the way he rips people off.
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      You have to be very careful with these done for you websites hosted on their
      servers. You do not have complete control of your own business.

      There are a couple of these done for you setups that are quite decent, but the
      the majority of them i would avoid like the plague.
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