What Do You Think My Classified Site is Worth?

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Hi Warriors,

I have been approached to sell one of my sites and wondering if you can give me some feedback on what you think it is worth. The site is the classified site FreeAdvertisingExchange.om

Site age: 12 years

Current members: Nearly 248,000 members.

New members: Averages about 60 new sign-ups every day on autopilot.

Organic Rankings: Ranks on the first page of Google and Bing for over a decade without being dislodged for a lot of high traffic competitive keywords. Some of these include: Free Advertising (2), Free Advertising Sites (4), Advertise Anything for Free (2), and many others. I also do zero work to maintain any of these rankings.

Traffic: About 600 unique visitors a day.

Revenue: Makes nearly $4000 a month, mainly through email marketing as the database is so large, even though I only mail to about half the list. The site also makes money through AdSense and other banner ads.

I think it might be the right time to sell because I put minimal work into the site as I am onto other things. I think someone could do a lot better.

The offer I received I believe to be pretty low, so help from experienced warriors in this field would be most appreciated.
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  • It depends upon that how much it is earning.How much area of world it covers.
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    Hi, sites like that on Flippa generally sell for 12 times earnings.

    That would mean around $48,000.

    However, because of the sites age, I would have to say that also has a value.

    There are no hard fast rules to that, but I would say that should add at least a few thousand.

    You could always ask for more, and you never know.

    Another idea would be to partner with someone who was willing to really take the site to the next level.

    You give them 1/2 of the revenue and half of the increase, plus 1/2 of the increased value when you sell it.

    They work it like mad, it grows to 10X current revenue or more, then you sell it.

    You'd need someone smart with a great work ethic.

    Just some thoughts.
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    Thank you Enfusia, appreciate the insight.
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    I wouldn't take any less than $100,000 and the buyer pays 100% of any escrow fees.

    You have to consider taxes on that income so I'd figure -25% tax on that $100K which leaves you $75,000 in your pocket when everything is done. That's 25 months worth of earnings after taxes.

    You pretty much own the negotiations because you own the well established money making site. They're not just buying a site, they're also buying 12 years of establishing the site, so, they're also buying time they don't have to invest on their own. Time is money.
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    Thanks for your help, I was thinking about $100,000 too. I listed it for $90,000, which I think is a very good deal for a site with this many members and still getting a lot of new sign ups daily.
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