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Whats the instantecomfunnels all about can someone explain please?
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    Google is your friend. A quick search brings up many articles, reviews and videos that should answer any questions you might have.

    Since these are mostly affiliate pages, I won't post any links.


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    I purchased the product and then opted for the Pro Gold upgrade as well.
    Once I had purchased I confronted hard selling every step of the way when really all I wanted was my purchase.
    I took the upgrade as well after my purchase (the first hard sell and it sounded good).
    This must have confused my purchase or maybe it was just me trying to navigate my way through all the other upsells, webinar, hosting, other upgrades etc PHEW... I still couldn,t find my actual purchases.
    I did manage to reach a very simplistic dashboard but nothing appeared to work and still more upsells..
    Long story short is I cannot tell you about the product as I never really got to it and requested a refund.
    I felt like I was taken through a digital Ikea store in a way, my only exit stratagy was to go back to paypal and request my money back.
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    I agree it took me ages to find the dashboard and no its not "even for newbies".

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