Free Y-Combinator Class // for building (then selling?) a real company

by RogerV
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This is worth sharing:
  • Training better than 90% of the paid $XXX programs out there, if you want to build a real company
  • Possible $10k award
  • Real street cred in the VC world if you take it further
  • It's free. Usually they want a chunk of equity if they even accept you, and only a small % get in

[I have zero affiliation, just passing along; not an affiliate link and I do not work for them]

Tip: People value what they pay for. Since it's free, some people are now 2nd guessing whether it's any good. Research Y combinator if that's you.

note this is best for people looking to actually build a real company, not some scammy zero-value-adding one-hit fluffy IM site. Then sell it for $10mil
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