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Has anyone used Guru Assassin and made money? Does the method Jonny Andrews teach in this course work? I know Jonny is a great guy and his products are usually excellent but I wanted to know does this method work?
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    The method does work & it's how many people we now consider "Guru's" got their start & built a name for themselves.
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    Jhonny is good, bought his money syphon. About Guru Assasin.. mmm, what can I say?
    I think you have to put a lot of effort.. but, that just my opinion.
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    I have Guru Assassin, but found it just a bit too much information, and 'turned off'. Maybe it's time to go back and have a more concentrated look at it. Some seemed a little obvious but some of the info was good, straight to the point and very useful.

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