Has anyone used SoloAdEmails.com

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I've been seeing ads on google for this Solo Ad provider, but can't seem to find any reliable reviews on them, has anyone used them?
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    I haven't used them but have used quite a lot of so called solo ad and email marketing sites and ofers. By a quick look their price is much too cheap. I'd say they are not worth your money. If you are unsure, test their cheapest offer and see what it does for your business.

    I'd recommend you look at arcamax, newsmax or dedicated emails for email campaigns that really work. They cost a lot more upfront but will show real results in new subs, clients and sales.
    What's your line of business?

    Maybe I can come up with more ideas on email lists for you
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    I did a search as well and they are new. I might give them a try and I'll report back.
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    Hi Robert!, I also saw the same ad on Google. But can't find its application.
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    This is an example of if something seems too good to be true, it is. We purchased a list from SOLO because of the pricing, guarantees, and their appearance of legitimacy, including listing Ford, Amazon, Boy Scouts, etc. as their clients. We paid $399 for them to send our email to a list of 125,000. We are a publisher offering an inexpensive new book, with a money back guarantee. Our email directed recipients to our website. So, SOLO sent the mailing over a four-day period. We waited, and even worried that the response might overwhelm our site. At the least we knew there might be a small response. But even 1% of 125,000 would have been great. The result, ZERO! No traffic to the site that could be attributed to the mailing, no inquiries, no signups for our free newsletter, no book purchases--nothing. When we told SOLO, they said we have had 13,000 click-throughs. We asked them how that could be and they gave us mumbo jumbo about how they had special ways to track traffic. In other words, they were smarter than the Google analytics and could hide 13,000 visitors to our site from us and Google. When asked to prove that they did the mailing or return our money, they refused. If you choose to use them, find out up front how they (may not be a they, we only had contact with one person, "John") will prove to you that they actually do the mailing you will be paying for. And a final caution. They will ask you to pay by echeck. Don't, it could be a passport into your money.
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  • Guys, you shouldn't need to try a service like that. Clearly if their solo ads worked, we'd all be filthy rich considering the amount of people they are sending the ad to.

    I'm not being bitchy or funny here, but if you can't see that it's a scam right up front, then how many other people are going to rip you off over the next few years until you finally get it?

    One campaign is to send your offer to 1.5 million people for $99.

    If you got a 1% conversion (simple opt in) you would have 15 thousand leads for $99.

    If you converted 1% of those 15k leads to a sale of, let's say a $50 product, you would earn $7500.

    Now tell me: Could you not have worked it out for yourself that this s a scam?

    It's embarrassing.
    I'm bigger. I'm better. I'm quicker. I'm easier. I'm richer. I'm sexier. I'm prob'ly lying to you.
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