Anyone bought TxtVideo yet?

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I'm sure everyone is getting tons of emails for the new TxtVideo software. It does look cool and I am thinking of buying it.

I found a link to OTO1 where it mentions unlimited videos and graphics, it also says you can make videos longer than 1 minute if you get the monthly OTO1 Upgrade. The Front End sales page doesn't mention anything about any limits.

Anyone know the number of videos and graphics limit if buyer only buys the front end?
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    If you just want to make text videos you can do it several ways.

    The re-released version of txt video promises a lot but is it all it is cracked up to be?

    Sure it makes nice text message videos and you can embed ONE Gif in the message.

    The Direct Video part of the deal means you can add backgrounds and other cool things but now thing that seriously lets it down in my book is you cannot download the finished video.

    You CAN download the TXT video but NOT the one with the backgrounds and other cool features.

    You can embed it you can link to it you can share it on Facebook etc but you can't get the rendered video.

    It makes sense because the "call to actions" etc and the "personalisation" need to be served from an app that integrates with facebook or is part of a video player. ( like the Easy Video Suite)

    You need to use the player to activate the call to actions etc so that is why no downloads.

    Not clear on the sales page.

    If you just want to make SMS video quickly with one inserted GIF then it is worth the investment.

    You can always download that and overlay on top of another video or background in any video editing software.

    I was hoping to download the video and use it within a chat platform we are using to send call to action video within messenger from FB ads.

    Could have done that already with just their old offering FE or the new front end but as far as using the video that way or even capturing leads it is all inside their system so if it fails or you don't stay subscribe those leads and lead captures etc won't work.

    If you are happy having the videos served by their hosting and the embed route then it works as you may expect but I won't be using their direct video component because i feel you lose control with that path.

    For the quick TXT video OK.

    If that represents value for you then it works but a bit disappointed you haven't got the ability to download a complete video with backgrounds and overlays even if they didn't have the "click" functionality.

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